High-Protein Meals That’ll Fill You Up


In this fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is no less than a challenge,  Finding a meal filled with protein and goodness can be a very hard task. Since it is a hard task and people do not know the importance of High-protein meals, they tend to consume junk food.  It is vital […]

Men and Women Have Different Warning Signs of Cardiac Arrest

Men and Women Have Different Warning Signs of Cardiac Arrest

Do you know which country is more prone to cardiac arrest than America? Well, it is India that is leading when it comes to heart disease. And is three times more prone to cardiac arrest than Americans.  Cardiac arrest is something that can affect anybody, regardless of age and gender. It is a life-threatening disease […]

Mini Workouts Have a Big Impact When You are Short on Time

Mini Workouts Have a Big Impact When You are Short on Time

Most people are extremely busy these days, with work, family, and everything else competing for their time and attention, making it difficult to fit in a workout. Mini workouts allow you to do shorter bouts of exercise throughout the day rather than one longer session. And any exercise is preferable to none. So, if you […]

Infinite Allergy Laboratories: A Trusted Name in Comprehensive Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Infinite Allergy Laboratories

Nick Jooma, CEO, Infinite Allergy Laboratories Chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have become an increasingly pressing global health concern. These ailments, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension impose a significant burden on patients as they find themselves caught in a perpetual loop of taking pills to alleviate symptoms, only to experience a resurfacing of discomfort […]

How to find a morning routine that works for you

How to find a morning routine that works for you

Are you tired of being unproductive in the morning? Well, You are not alone.  People don’t have enough time in today’s fast-paced environment to start their day by prioritizing the things they wish to do. Creating a consistent morning ritual that works for you might improve the way you start your day. The way you […]

Smart Home Gyms: The Future of Fitness

Smart Home Gyms

Technology continues to encroach on all industries, particularly fitness and home fitness technology. There is new technology everywhere you look, from cardio machines with remote trainer controls to all-in-one workout mirrors. As with any advancement, some long-time exercise enthusiasts and fitness professionals are skeptical. You can create custom workout programs tailored to your specific fitness […]

Positive self-talk: How talking to yourself is beneficial


Self-talk is a method of communicating with yourself or your inner voice that can be positive or negative. It can be encouraging or distressing; your self-talk depends on your personality. Self-talk techniques are critical because they influence how you feel and what you do, and they can be helpful, beneficial, and motivating. You may not […]

John Joyoprayitno: An Inspirational Leader Changing Lives through Medical Breakthroughs

John Joyoprayitno

John Joyoprayitno, President, CEO, & Co-Founder, Alafair Biosciences, Inc. In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, true innovation calls for far more than mere proficiency in medical science. To truly make a difference, visionary healthcare leaders must not only drive ground-breaking advancements but also possessthe strategic acumen to navigate the complexities of the industry. With a […]

Vince Proffitt: Reimagining The Healthcare Landscape

Vince Proffitt

Vince Proffitt, President and Founder, Spartan Medical Inc. In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, industry practitioners constantly pursue the implementation of new products to streamline operations. However, over the past few years, the industry has veered off course, chasing after minor advancements while losing sight of its fundamental purpose of advancing high quality patient care with […]