Doctor Shield: Enabling Medical Practitioners to Find the Right Insurance through a Comprehensive and Convenient Solution

Doctor Shield

Dr Kasturi Maniam, Managing Director, Doctor Shield Healthcare professionals often have to find time to meet two to three insurance agents in their clinics to listen to their pitch, and then do the arduous comparisons of the benefits, limitations, terms, and conditions before purchasing their professional indemnity insurance. And, given their busy schedule, it is […]

Safe Space™ Singapore: Making Quality Mental Health Support Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere


Antoinette Patterson, CEO, Safe Space A stressful lifestyle often puts us under extreme pressure to the point that we feel mentally exhausted, anxious, burned out, and depressed. When the stress becomes overwhelming and prolonged, the risks for mental health problems increase. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental illness accounts for 30 […]

Exploring the Relationship Between Technology and Stress

Technology and Stress

In the spirit of the annual stress awareness month ‘April’, we want to talk more about stress. Medical experts everywhere around the world have a roughly common understanding of stress as a “person’s physical, mental or emotional response to external changes”. But from a healthcare point-of-view, stress is a very powerful silent killer. It affects […]

Benefits that analytical solutions bring to a hospital

Hospital Analytics

A few years ago, the health sector started to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its capacity to make diagnoses, improve the quality of the care provided to patients and also be more efficient in its processes. Last year, Accenture already indicated that the numbers should only grow: the AI ​​market in healthcare was forecast […]

How virtual reality help in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disabilities

virtual reality

Technology constitutes a relevant contribution also in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. Virtual reality offers interesting therapeutic possibilities in the clinical environment offering advantages to patients for the recovery of lost abilities and even to acquire new skills and abilities. Advantages of Virtual Reality  Virtual reality allows providing a flexible environment adapting to the needs of […]