Technologies that are revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technologies that are revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

The adoption of cutting-edge technologies can play a vital role in the digital revolution of the pharmaceutical industry. While capturing that opportunity requires identifying the right initiatives. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR-VR, Digital Applications, Internet of Things, Blockchain, 3D printers, Organ-on-Chips are among the innovations that are beginning to transform the pharmaceutical […]

LepsiApp, the first prescription app to improve epilepsy management


The Neuraxpharm Company has presented LepsiApp, the first medical prescription application in Spain that helps improve epilepsy management. The telemedicine solution, available for IOS and Android, has a double objective: to help patients to have a better knowledge of their health status, and to offer innovative solutions to medical professionals to improve treatment adherence.  “Neuraxpharm […]

EOS: personalized orthopedic care for patients


EOS additive manufacturing system used for the highly innovative Point of Care Printing, the first 3D design, and printing facility to produce complex customized systems on the HSS campus in New York developed with Italian Lima Corporate. LimaCorporate, an Italian company with expertise in the field of 3D printing for orthopedics, and the Hospital for […]

2021 Fitness Tech Trends

Fitness Tech Trends

Trends come and go, but it’s always fun to see what happens. Despite the pandemic and global crisis, the fitness industry continues to grow. In recent months, fitness enthusiasts began to pair their wearable devices with home fitness and outdoor workouts like cross-functional training, kickboxing, piloting, and a variety of other new ideas, showing there […]

Health Carousel: Building a World-Class Digital Staffing and Workforce Management Solution


Bill DeVille, CEO & Co-Founder, Health Carousel The healthcare staffing industry is a vital part of the healthcare delivery system in America, a system that has been tested by chronic worker shortages and a pandemic. Increasingly, organizations and healthcare professionals are looking for a modern, flexible, and technologically enabled staffing model, and Health Carousel, the […]

Clear Arch Health: Improving Patient Care with Innovative Health Monitoring and Emergency Response Solutions


Chris A.Otto, Senior Vice President, Clear Arch Health The current healthcare system in most of the developed countries is ailing. With a growing prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide, the healthcare industry is facing numerous challenges to increase access to care delivery, and improve medical care. Further contributing to a steady increase in these long-term health […]

Codice: Using Digital Technologies to Revolutionize Healthcare Administration

Dash Kiridena

Dash Kiridena, Founder & CEO, Codice Codice is an information technology and healthcare operations consulting firm delivering customized, high-quality solutions to government agencies and corporations. Dash Kiridena founded Codice in 2009 to provide healthcare administration consulting services. The company’s sole focus was to use technology to improve healthcare and Medicaid processes for public and private […]