Emerging trends that are on the rise in dentistry

Emerging trends that are on the rise in dentistry

Until a few decades ago, toothache was usually cured by simply, pulling the painful tooth. Today there is a multitude of options for treating diseased teeth: fillings for holes crowns for larger cavities, a root canal treatment, or apical resection to keep even a dead tooth in the jaw for as long as possible. Several […]

How 3D printing is used in medicines

How 3D printing is used in medicine

3D printing has spread at breakneck speed in medicine. Dental crowns, hearing aids, and surgical instruments have been successfully manufactured with 3D printers in medical services. Even today, sometimes 3D printing is also used for the production of tablets. Medical 3D printing or the use of 3D printers supports medicine in two ways: On one […]

Applications of Internet of Things in healthcare

Applications of IoT in healthcare

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has left the world in an unprecedented position. New concepts have emerged, such as socially distant and priority technologies such as the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) services, and artificial intelligence. Likewise, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) have witnessed a series of groundbreaking […]

VitalConnect: Driving a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare through Innovative Solutions

Vital Connect

Dr. Nersi Nazari, Founder, VitalConnect The healthcare industry is undergoing monumental changes with the advancement of technology. These advancements not only contribute to healthcare organizations’ success but also forge a path towards better patient out comes and the comprehensive well-being of society. Realizing this, many prominent companies across the globe have been leveraging technology and […]

Transaction Data Systems: An Innovative Leader in Independent Pharmacy Services and Solutions

Transcation data systems

Kevin Lathrop, President, Transaction Data Systems Over the years, the role of pharmacists has evolved significantly along with the health care needs of the people. Today, pharmacists are taking a larger role as medical counselors and educators rather than being confined only to dispensing medications. As their role continues to expand, they need to be […]

STChealth: Committed To Eradicating Vaccine-Preventable Disease with Innovative Technology and Services


Mike Popovich, CEO, STChealth According to the CDC, around 56,000 deaths occur from the flu or flu-like illness and 60,700 deaths occur from whooping cough each year. The outbreak of such preventable diseases like flu, measles, mumps,and whooping cough is a harsh reminder that these ailments can be controlled but have not been eradicated. But […]

Apps that help you to reduce anxiety and depression

Apps that help you to reduce anxiety and depression

Unfortunately, anxiety becomes part of the lives of an increasing number of people. Whether at mild levels such as occasional anxiety attacks before major or pathological events when it becomes a disorder and requires care and medical monitoring.  Regardless of the type of anxiety that affects you, none of the situations is pleasant. You may […]

Impact of Big data in healthcare sector

Impact of Big data in healthcare sector

The use of data in decision-making processes is a strategy that has been adopted with efficiency by companies from different segments. One of the innovations in the market is the implementation of big data in healthcare, a technology aimed at capturing and crossing data and can also be applied to monitor the health status of […]

Benefits of remote patient monitoring

Benefits of remote patient monitoring

We are in the age of technology, and it offers several ways to improve our daily lives – and, above all, our health. There were many technological advances for medicine; not only in the creation of medicines and new devices for exams but also in the care and monitoring of patients. One of these innovations […]

How wearable devices are transforming health sector

How wearables are transforming health sector

In recent years we are seeing that wearables, such as smartwatches and activity wristbands, have become increasingly popular, and the healthcare industry has seen them as an essential asset to optimize patient treatment and hospital productivity. It is not surprising that this market is going to experience strong growth in the coming years. According to […]