Cardiac Insight Announces Expansion into 20 APAC country Markets with a Partnership i.SigNal by Dreamtech.


Dreamtech distributes Cardea SOLO™ ECG System in Korea through its latest healthcare organization, iSigNal, and leads commercial expansion in 20+ other APAC countries. US-based Cardiac Insight takes up a distribution deal to enter the APAC market. American medical device maker Cardiac Insight specializing in wearable cardiac sensors and automated ECG analysis software, announced today that […]

WHO warns delta variant taking hold of most countries Worldwide

WHO warns

The World Health Organization’s Europe director apprised that the highly transmissible COVID-19 variant first spotted in India is “poised to take hold in the region.” Many countries prepare to tone down the restrictions and allow more social gatherings and flying across borders. During a news briefing on Thursday, WHO’s Dr. Hans Kluge said that the […]

CAIRE Inc: Addressing the Critical Oxygen Needs around the World through Innovative Solutions

CAIRE President and CEO Earl_Lawson

CAIRE, President and CEO, Earl Lawson Currently, a vital need in the fight against the novel coronavirus is oxygen. Despite being critical for the effective treatment of COVID-19 patients both under hospitalization and post-discharge, affordable and sustainable access to oxygen has been a particular challenge for healthcare facilities. The crisis has put immense pressure on […]

CuraLife expands sports sponsorships with football ads!


The CuraLife brand was viewed by over 80,000,000 fans around the world.  Diabetes is no game, but sports advertising is increasingly becoming a way we maintain high consumer awareness of the CuraLife brand, and a value driven benefit we give to our international partners. Our La Liga sponsorship builds on our first sports ad spot […]

The surge of the E-Pharma market after the second wave of Corona


The surge in coronavirus cases has continuously exposed businesses and people to new risks and unforeseen possibilities this year. The pharmaceutical industry is facing its most turbulent times due to the rise in recognition and demand for pharma products more than ever before. The challenges they encounter are the grim reality of this pandemic, such […]

Syneos Health: A Pioneer in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Syneos Health

Alistair Macdonald, CEO, Syneos Health Biopharmaceuticals are revolutionizing the world of medicine and saving the lives of thousands of people every day. It is the most sophisticated and elegant achievement of modern science. The Biopharma sector has seen incredible growth in recent decades. One of the companies that are thriving in this sector is Syneos Health. Syneos […]

HRA Pharma: Empowering People to Improve their Lives with Award-Winning Solutions

HRA Pharma

David Wright, CEO, HRA Pharma HRA Pharma is a fast-growing, innovative consumer healthcare company, empowering people throughout the world to improve their lives by developing accessible, value-added, and self-care solutions. Headquartered in France, the company has a proven structure, the skills, and experience to capture new consumer healthcare businesses and deliver high-quality brands on a […]

Elinext: Dedicated to Build Secure and Highly Interoperable Healthcare IT Solutions


Alexey Shliakhouski, Chief Technology Officer, Elinext Healthcare is one of the most data-intensive and data-driven industries in the world. It involves lots of tedious data-gathering processes that tend to delay the delivery of care. Fortunately, healthcare IT solutions can help healthcare providers to streamline administrative tasks and free up their time to focus on delivering […]

Corpoderm Healthcare and Beauty: Supporting the European Beauty Industry through Exceptional Beauty Appliances

Corpoderm Healthcare and Beauty

Jose Flotatsto, Founder, Corpoderm Healthcare and Beauty The beauty sector is an important facet of the larger healthcare industry. In the face of urgent or serious healthcare threats, the beauty sector maybe unfortunately undervalued. But the truth is that our society gives lots of importance and meaning to physical beauty: According to research, most people […]