Tips to ensure data security in healthcare

Tips to ensure data security in healthcare

The presence of technology in our daily lives is a facilitator in the course of many activities that would take hours to execute, especially when working with a very large volume of information. And a very recurring issue in this area concerns the security of patient and service provider data. As there is a very […]

What Can Quantum Computing Do To Healthcare?

Quantum computing in healthcare

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing are part of the technological areas that are improving medicine. In this case, the principles of quantum physics are of great help in the design of scanners for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of diseases. In this way, they help health professionals to detect pathologies that affect tissues at an […]

Freiburg Medical Laboratory: Dedicated to Providing Optimal Diagnostics and Lab Services

Freiburg Medical Laboratory

Michaela Jaksch, Managing and Medical Director , Freiburg Medical Laboratory Medical diagnosis plays a pivotal role in ensuring the most effective patient treatment. It is the first step to disease management, as without accurate identification there is no possibility for accurate treatment. Hence, it’s quite important to have such diagnostic centers that truly align with […]

Cardio-Jenic Pty Ltd: Introducing Innovative Diagnostic Cardiology Solutions to the Australian Market to Improve Healthcare

Cardio Jenic

Carolyn Jensen, Managing Director, Cardio Jenic The prevalence of cardiovascular conditions is significantly increasing across the world. In Australia, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of death. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) National Mortality Database, cardiovascular disease was the underlying cause of 41,800 deaths in 2018. As […]

Opportunities health technologies have for young people

Studio shot good-looking happy tender charming young female lifestyle blogger typing new post online holding digital tablet smiling broadly giving health advices internet followers, white background

Although the new generations are part of the so-called “digital natives”, the experts who are driving trends in health do not know the in-depth tastes, desires, and ways of learning and interacting of young people with technology, due to the fact they belong to different digital generations. A research was conducted by the professors at […]

Trulla: Enabling Health Systems to Optimize Their Pharmacy Supply Chain with Powerful Analytics and Software


Curtis McEntire President, President, Trulla The roots of Trulla date back to 2006 when Curtis McEntire, the CEO of Trulla, was first exposed to the massive technology gap within health system pharmacies. Curtis was working for a large integrated health system where he was responsible for the pharmacy supply chain that had an annual drug […]

nView Health: Working to Solve the Mental Health Crisis in America with Modern Technology

Jim Szyperski

Jim Szyperski, CEO, nView Health For decades, the behavioral health industry has lagged behind the rest of the healthcare industry, often falling short in terms of technology adoption, reimbursement rates and even access to trained professionals. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that by 2025, the U.S. will have a shortage of all different types […]

InDxLogic: Transforming Complex Health Information Workflows into a Reportable, Easily Manageable Operation

Indx Logic

Michael Ebaugh, CEO, InDxLogic Health records are the building blocks for offering meticulous and efficient healthcare services. Thus, healthcare providers are increasingly turning to paperless records to improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of medical care. However, despite these varied benefits,digital record-keeping also comes with its underlying challenges in terms of administrative burdens. Most healthcare […]

HealthRhythms: Redefining the Way Mental Health Is Measured and Managed in the Twenty-First Century

Health Rhythms

Ellen Frank, CEO, HealthRhythms In contrast to all other areas of medicine, mental health care is still reliant on highly subjective, episodic, memory-biased patient reports to make diagnostic determinations and treatment decisions. This leads to poor treatment outcomes, high dropout rates, and unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations that make mental disorders a $1.7 trillion burden […]