The Future of Healthcare Technology

The Future of Healthcare Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic was a terrifying event that had an impact on every sector of society. The sudden rise in the number of affected people had the biggest impact on the healthcare sector. The situation was significantly worse at one point when there were more patients suffering from the coronavirus and the same number of […]

The Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Group of medical researchers discussing about vaccine development

COVID-19 pandemic changed the world around us. The pandemic has changed all business landscapes, workplace cultures, and the way we live our daily lives.  Every market, including the pharmaceutical industry, is adjusting to these changes. The pharmaceutical industry is considered one of the most strict and regulated markets. The pharmaceutical industry is built on procedures […]

Are Sugar Alternatives Healthy?

Are Sugar Alternatives Healthy?

Who doesn’t enjoy sweet treats? The huge surges in dopamine experienced when consuming sugary food items is addictive enough to get anyone hooked on them. But, apart from the immensely satisfying taste of such consumables, the reality of the matter is that they are not very beneficial in terms of health for the human body. […]

The Ketogenic Diet and its Rules

The Ketogenic Diet and its Rules

A wise man once said that  “You are what you eat” . This is one of the many facts of life that some of us fail to realize. There is always that one person who goes “Eat all you want, just burn it off with more exercise”. While exercise is very important and this may […]

Protein: The Answer to Age Related Muscle Loss

The Answer to Age Related Muscle Loss

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. As we grow older, our bodies undergo a lot of changes both internally and externally. These changes become very apparent as we cross the age of 30. The feeling of gradual weakening as we age past this mark is not just our mind playing tricks on us. This […]

Fish Oil: The cure for Heart Disease?

Fish Oil The cure for Heart Disease

An efficiently functioning heart is crucial to human health. We have seen people doing all sorts of activities to keep their heart healthy. But did you know that supplementing your diet with fish oil gives your heart a wide range of health benefits?  Yes, you heard that right. Fish oil is often seen in the […]

Whey Protein: Healthy or Risky?

Whey Protein Healthy or Risky

It is common knowledge that working out and eating healthy are habits that can provide us with a large number of health benefits. These practices are flexible as well as you don’t necessarily have to follow a single fixed path to reach your fitness goals. Depending on your own preferences, body type and other factors, […]

The Road to Fat Loss: Insulin Resistance Diet

It is a known fact that obesity is a widespread and life threatening epidemic. Heart issues, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and even diabetes are only a few of the several problems that could arise due to obesity. But it is not an incurable sickness. As we all know, something as simple as watching what we […]

Modifying Genes for Health : The CRISPR

Modifying Genes for Health The CRISPR

We live in an age where the lines between science – fiction and reality are starting to blur. The emergence of technologies that are capable of editing human gene structures are a testament to this fact. Something that was thought to be a Godly right has now been made possible through Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short […]

Benefits of Good Mental Health

Benefits of Good Mental Health

In contrast to physical fitness, which keeps our bodies strong, mental fitness enables us to achieve and maintain good mental health. When we are mentally healthy, we appreciate life, the surroundings we live in, and the people who are a part of it. It enables us to be imaginative, explore, and take chances. We can […]