Immersive Tech for Healthcare

Immersive Tech for Healthcare

Immersive tech is a term that refers to technologies that extend reality by using the neuroscience of the human brain. It includes technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Immersive tech is at the forefront of disruptive innovations in the healthcare industry. Now let’s picture a scenario, just to put […]

LATAM Cargo: Dedicated to offering the Best Air Cargo Transportation Services for Pharmaceutical Products to, from and within South America


Cristina Onate, VP of Marketing and Product Management, LATAM Cargo Has there ever been a more challenging time for pharmaceutical supply chains? In the wake of the pandemic, while healthcare professionals are on a war footing to treat the skyrocketing number of infected patients, supply chain disruption is wreaking havoc in the pharmaceutical industry. With […]

SSI Strategy: Delivering Unparalleled Support to Customers through Industry Expertise and Consulting Rigour

SSI Strategy

Adam Schwartz, President, SSI Strategy SSI Strategy is a boutique management consulting firm that is well regarded in the pharmaceutical industry for its expertise in supporting the needs of the medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, and clinical development functions within life science companies. The company’s vision is to help elevate the medical/scientific functions within Life Science companies […]

The Medical Aesthetics Industry and how reliable it is

Medical Aesthetics

You may or may not have come across the term medical aesthetics, but you have definitely come across a service or product that it entails. The beauty industry is an old and flourishing one, and medical aesthetics has brought about a revolution like never before. Today the global medical aesthetics industry stands at 9.4 billion, […]

Personalized Healthcare is the future. Here’s why.

The Future of Personalized Healthcare

Every day people spend around a thousand billion dollars on healthcare globally; however, studies show that standard drugs don’t necessarily benefit a diverse group of patients suffering from the same illness. For instance, according to experts at PMC (Personalised Medicine Coalition),  in case of cancer, 75% of drugs are ineffective for patients. This implies that […]

Khurshid Zaidi: A Promising Entrepreneur who is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

Khurshid Zaidi

Khurshid Zaidi, Managing Director, Pharmasolutions LLC The pharmaceutical industry has grown to become one of the most complicated and challenging industries in the business world. Pharmaceutical companies are confronting a heap of pressure from investors, stakeholders, regulatory experts, patients, and the healthcare industry as they are expected to produce high-quality medical products around the globe. […]

Is Sleep Paralysis A Real Thing?

Sleep Paralysis

Cuddled up in your bed as you slowly drift into a deep sleep, an unsettling feeling suddenly wakes you up. It’s the middle of the night and you see something standing in the dark corner of your room. “Has someone broken in?” — You mutter in your mind while scared to death. And that’s when […]

DayOne: Creating a World-Leading Hub for Healthcare Innovation

Lucas Scherdel

Lucas Scherdel, Director, Healthcare Innovation DayOne Healthcare often lags behind other major industries when it comes to innovation. But, it’s not the technological barriers that are slowing down the pace of innovation in the industry. In fact, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, mobile technology, and bigdata, we have more technological solutions than we’ve ever […]