Importance of data analysis in healthcare

Importance of data analytics in healthcare

The health area has never been as focused on data as it is today. From the control of expenses to the detection of fraud and the coordination of consultations, the use of data analysis has been considered essential for solving various types of problems in the sector. In practice, however, the volume of data can […]

Why automation is more necessary than ever in healthcare industry

Why automation is more necessary than ever in healthcare industry

Like every modern company, medical service providers are faced with the task of making their organization – as well as all internal processes – efficient and cost-effective at all times. In healthcare, however, these challenges are tied to strict requirements. The quality of patient care must always be optimally guaranteed and – if possible – […]

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare sector

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare sector

Artificial intelligence presents immense possibilities for the transformation of human health. It is already helping to discover new drugs and make better medical diagnoses faster. It’s not hard to imagine the near future where artificial intelligence can reliably predict and stop the disease before symptoms appear.  At the outset, it is necessary to clarify that […]

How IoT is transforming healthcare

How IoT is transforming healthcare

IoT is changing the healthcare industry, making people healthier, healthcare providers smarter, more efficient, and healthcare more affordable. With the increasing popularity of Fitbits, smart watches, and the Internet of Things (IoT), IoT sensor technology is beginning to have a real impact on the healthcare industry.  According to a recent study by Markets and Markets, […]

TotalABA: Powerful Software Supporting the Behavioral Health Industry

Larry Morgan, CEO, TotalABA Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapists and clinics face many challenges helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. ABA therapists strive to give their time, energy, and attention to those they serve; however, the strenuous paperwork, challenging schedules, and demanding preparation can hamper their ability to do their job most efficiently. […]

Staff Bridge: Bridging the Gap in the Healthcare Staffing Space Through Innovative Solutions

Kendra Hunter, President, Staff Bridge Recruiting highly qualified clinical staff is one of the most critical challenges faced by healthcare organizations. While some healthcare facilities may successfully identify and hire clinical talent, retaining those valuable employees becomes an uphill battle for them. Despite their best efforts, they often fail to keep up with the demand […]

Healthcare tech trends to watch out in 2020

Healthcare technology trends to watch in 2020

Digital tools are already part of various aspects of society, connecting people, and optimizing processes. It is no different in Medicine – health technology advances at a fast pace, bringing improvements for professionals, patients, and also for the management of institutions. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, Big Data, and other innovations are […]

Standvast Healthcare Fulfillment: Improving Healthcare through Technology Enabled Supply Chain Solutions


Cayce Roy, CEO & Co-Founder, Standvast Healthcare Fulfillment The healthcare supply chain has been lagging behind other industries when it comes to innovation. Even today, most of the existing supply chain solution suppliers still rely on decades-old, reactive, siloed approaches that limit data to effectively manage an overly complex model of healthcare. They still look […]

LivingMatrix:Empowering Practitioners to Effectively Address Chronic Conditions through a Personalized Approach


Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO, LivingMatrix Chronic diseases have long been the leading cause of reduced quality of life,long-term disability, and death. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, more than 70 % of deaths are caused due to chronic illness. But despite the prevalence and seriousness of the situation, our healthcare […]

Ecteon:Empowering Healthcare Organizations to Manage the Complexity of the Complete Contract Lifecycle


Richard Eckerstrom, CEO, Ecteon Contracts are an essential part of business operations in all industries and healthcare is no exception.However, healthcare-related contracts are becoming increasingly complex to create and manage throughout the contract lifecycle.With challenges growing in the form of increased regulatory requirements, growing healthcare treatment options, and rising drug trial and insurance costs, it […]