CXA Group: Digitizing The Insurance Industry

CXA Group

Taking care of one’s health can be an expensive affair. Although following a healthy lifestyle can keep you away from the doctor, the hectic nature of an average individual’s lifestyle in today’s world often comes in the way of following healthy habits and ultimately leads to various health complications. For some individuals, these extra medical […]

Bisu: A Convenient Urine Tester for Transformative Data


Nowadays, tracking health related data has become very easy. As we’ve seen before, the current market is flooded with health trackers and wearables that can help people with the same. But there are a few catches; most health trackers aren’t accurate enough to be taken seriously within the health industry, and they lack the necessary […]

DocDoc: Healthcare Through AI


All of us know families that have family doctors. No matter what healthcare concern anyone from the family may have, they always go to their doctor for help. From diagnosing the problems themselves to suggesting other doctors if need be, these family doctors generally take care of all the medical issues of the family members. […]

Healbe : Driving the Smart Wearable Industry to New Horizons


Be it for self betterment reasons or for achieving that celebrity like “perfect body”, there is no denying the fact that the need for fitness has steadily increased. And unsurprisingly, just like the rest of the world, the incorporation of technology into this industry has also consistently gained ground. Nowadays, the market has an abundance […]

Healthcare Metrics: Providing Healthcare Solutions to the Aged

Healthcare Metrics

As we all know, the Healthcare industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries in the world. Since medical services are a basic necessity, this industry has no expiration date. This means the need for such services will always be in demand which would only lead to bigger and busier healthcare institutes as time […]

SD Global: Making Hospitals Smarter

SD Global: Making Hospitals Smarter

Times are changing. Nowadays, technology is so deeply rooted in our daily lives that it has almost become a necessity. Ranging from our phones to our smart appliances, the sheer variety of devices that are being integrated into the network has not only improved connectivity but functionality as well. So, it is only natural that […]