ISRC: A Leading ISO Management System Training & Consultancy Provider


Edmund Ng, Director, ISRC Established in 2010, ISRC Pte. Ltd is a trusted safety and standards consultancy and training partner. The company provides consultancy and training in ISO standards and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH). With more than a decade of industry experience, the ISRC team provides valuable insights into projects, meeting the most stringent […]

Motic Digital Pathology: Making Digital Pathology Approachable and Accessible For Everyone

Motic Digital Pathology

Nicholas Chan, Director, Digital Pathology Digital pathology has tremendous potential to disrupt the practice of pathology. It holds a great deal of promise when it comes to delivering improved patient care including faster test results and ease in seeking a second opinion. The sharing of digital slides and their associated data makes access to professionals […]

i-Lab Engineering: Making a Difference in The Clinical Laboratory Landscape With Unbeatable Competency

i-Lab Engineering

Bernard Mao, Operation Manger – Keith Toh, Principal Director – Lim Huishan, Finance Controller – Kelly Koo, Business Office Manger, i-Lab Engineering Laboratories and related facilities are quite complex and sophisticated structures. The longevity of such structures depends on the expertise of the forces that play behind the curtain. A failure in the decision-making or […]