Fish Oil: The cure for Heart Disease?

Fish Oil The cure for Heart Disease

An efficiently functioning heart is crucial to human health. We have seen people doing all sorts of activities to keep their heart healthy. But did you know that supplementing your diet with fish oil gives your heart a wide range of health benefits?  Yes, you heard that right. Fish oil is often seen in the […]

Whey Protein: Healthy or Risky?

Whey Protein Healthy or Risky

It is common knowledge that working out and eating healthy are habits that can provide us with a large number of health benefits. These practices are flexible as well as you don’t necessarily have to follow a single fixed path to reach your fitness goals. Depending on your own preferences, body type and other factors, […]

The Road to Fat Loss: Insulin Resistance Diet

It is a known fact that obesity is a widespread and life threatening epidemic. Heart issues, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and even diabetes are only a few of the several problems that could arise due to obesity. But it is not an incurable sickness. As we all know, something as simple as watching what we […]