Genpsych PC: Delivering Efficient Mental Health Care and Life Enhancement Services To the Community

GenPsych PC

Dr. Henry Odunlami, Founder & CEO, Genpsych PC In recent years, we have seen an increased interest rate in the use of technologies to improve health care. Particularly in mental health care, the potential of technology is significant. Technology promises to bridge the gaps in access to services, improve the quality of care, and deliver […]

Cloudticity: Giving New Life to the Healthcare Industry through Cloud Technology


Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO, Cloudticity In 2011, several factors prompted the digitalization of the US healthcare industry. As the government passed the HITECH act, everyone was incentivized to go digital. The Affordable Care Act aimed to make health insurance accessible to all and accordingly, insurance companies took up an active role for their members’ […]

Arazy Group Consultants Inc: Streamlining the Medical Device Approval Process through Innovative Solutions

Arazy Group

Benjamin Arazy, President & CEO, Arazy Group Consultants Inc MedTech products are rapidly evolving with the advancement of technology to become more personalized and connected. But against this backdrop of continual innovation, medical and IVD devices companies face unique challenges to get their products into the market due to the complex regulatory landscape. To have […]