Saama Technologies: Accelerating Clinical Trials and Drug Development with Advanced Analytics


Vivek Sharma, CEO, Saama Technologies Pharmaceutical companies often have to run tens of thousands of clinical studies with millions of datasets. With so many data points, effective data analysis is now more important than ever to make confident business decisions for better clinical trial outcomes. Missing data and manual workflows can lead to costly mistakes […]

Syner-G: A Leading Provider of Science and Risk-Based Customized CMC Solutions and Services


Prabu Nambiar, Ph.D., Founder, & CEO, Syner-G BioPharma Group Despite years of work and breakthroughs in technology and data mining,bringing a drug from bench to bedside remains a costly, complex, and time-consuming process.With long lead times, chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) often become the bottleneck in the path to life-saving drug launch and their commercial […]

EXL: Leveraging Technologies to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry


The Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry has grown to become one of the most complicated and challenging industries in the business world. The industry is undergoing unprecedented change with mounting cost pressures, advancing digitization, and emerging breakthroughs. Consequently, to remain relevant in this ever-evolving business landscape, companies across the healthcare sector are looking for ways […]