Medrio: An International Leader for All Clinical Trial Technology Needs


Nicole Latimer, Chief Executive Officer, Medrio The past year really shone a light on the necessity of clinical research and the impact it can make in the lives of patients who critically need it. Here, diverse participants like pharma companies, life science organizations, CROs, third party researchers, medical technology companies and volunteers come together.  Clinical […]

PersonalRX: Making Life Easier and Safer for Patients, and Caregivers with Personalized Pharmacy Services


Lawrence Margolls, Founder/CEO, PersonalRX The great English poet Alexander Pope once quoted “To err is human, to forgive divine.” But, when it comes to dispensing and taking medications, sometimes, a minor error may lead to serious consequences. In fact, according to the latest estimates, each year, 7,000 to 9,000 people die as a result of […]

Keycentrix: Combining Knowledge and Technology to Bring Efficiency for Pharmacy and Healthcare Industries

Key Centrix

Luis Rodriguez, President, Keycentrix Keycentrix has a long history of providing software and technology for the pharmacy and healthcare industries. The company has served these industries with value-added solutions for nearly 50 years and has been recognized for its reliable, accurate, and configurable technology solutions, which include a portfolio of inventory management, patient engagement, and […]