Khurshid Zaidi: A Promising Entrepreneur who is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector

Khurshid Zaidi

Khurshid Zaidi, Managing Director, Pharmasolutions LLC The pharmaceutical industry has grown to become one of the most complicated and challenging industries in the business world. Pharmaceutical companies are confronting a heap of pressure from investors, stakeholders, regulatory experts, patients, and the healthcare industry as they are expected to produce high-quality medical products around the globe. […]

Nir Erez: Gifting New Hope and Possibility to Cancer Patients

Nir Erez

Nir Erez, Founder & CEO, Trial-In Pharma Ltd Within all the subfields of healthcare, cancer is one of the most serious concerns. Cancer is a very serious and ugly business. A cancer patient’s body behaves abnormally and usually requires external medical intervention to fight the disease. Oncologists (doctors specializing in treating cancer) only have a […]