LATAM Cargo: Dedicated to offering the Best Air Cargo Transportation Services for Pharmaceutical Products to, from and within South America


Cristina Onate, VP of Marketing and Product Management, LATAM Cargo Has there ever been a more challenging time for pharmaceutical supply chains? In the wake of the pandemic, while healthcare professionals are on a war footing to treat the skyrocketing number of infected patients, supply chain disruption is wreaking havoc in the pharmaceutical industry. With […]

SSI Strategy: Delivering Unparalleled Support to Customers through Industry Expertise and Consulting Rigour

SSI Strategy

Adam Schwartz, President, SSI Strategy SSI Strategy is a boutique management consulting firm that is well regarded in the pharmaceutical industry for its expertise in supporting the needs of the medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, and clinical development functions within life science companies. The company’s vision is to help elevate the medical/scientific functions within Life Science companies […]