Cellworks: Personalizing Cancer Treatments through Therapy Biosimulation Technology

Cellworks CEO Khush Mehta

Khush F.Mehta, CEO, Cellworks Cancer treatment is one of the toughest challenges in healthcare today. Cancer is the abnormal behaviour or growth of cells within a patient’s body, requiring external medical intervention to stop the growth of cancer cells in order for the patient to recover and ultimately survive. Addressing the Critical Challenges in Personalized […]

CureMatch: A Breakthrough Technology for Personalized Cancer Care

Navid Alipour

Navid Alipour, CEO, CureMatch Today, most oncologists know that a one-size-fits-all approach may not result in optimal cancer treatment, which can encompass chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, infusions and a large number of other drugs. As recent research reveals, each patient’s cancer and the actual molecular profile of each patient’s tumor is unique in nature – […]