CAIRE Inc: Addressing the Critical Oxygen Needs around the World through Innovative Solutions

CAIRE President and CEO Earl_Lawson

CAIRE, President and CEO, Earl Lawson Currently, a vital need in the fight against the novel coronavirus is oxygen. Despite being critical for the effective treatment of COVID-19 patients both under hospitalization and post-discharge, affordable and sustainable access to oxygen has been a particular challenge for healthcare facilities. The crisis has put immense pressure on […]

3B Medical, Inc: Stimulating the Future of Sleep-Disordered Breathing Treatment with Innovative Medical and Consumer Devices

Alex Lucio

Alex Lucio, CEO, 3B Medical, Inc As with many successful start-ups, the idea for 3B Medical, Inc was born out of a personal experience with an unmet industry need. It all started when Tom Thayer, the President and Co-Founder of 3B Medical sensed the need for quality sleep and respiratory products in the market. Mr. […]

SPBS, Inc: Delivering High-Quality Clinical Equipment Services in the Most Affordable Way


Jeff Daugherty, CEO & President and Chairman, SPBS, Inc Nowadays, new technology and innovations are making human life much easier. In this fast-paced evolving world, particularly the medical and healthcare industries are continually compelled to develop new and creative ways for human welfare. Without innovations and technological development, it is impossible to expect medical progress […]

Venus Concept Inc: Shaping the Future of the Global Medical Aesthetic Industry

Venus Concept

Domenic Serafino, CEO and Director, Venus Concept Inc Knowledge, precision and humane care are three crucial elements of good healthcare service. Among these elements, having ‘precision is often the most challenging. Precision essentially means incorporating technology and medical devices to perform all kinds of medical procedures, tests, and operations, in an easy, error-free, and risk-free […]