Traci Beagley: An Exemplary Entrepreneur Committed to Delivering Holistic In-home Care to Elders

Traci Beagley

Traci Beagley, Founder and CEO, Sunland Home Care Today, most entrepreneurs sail ahead only with the primal goal of generating revenue from their business. However, standing as a stark contrary to such entities, some business leaders believe in doing more than just making a profit with the fruits of their labour. True business leaders not […]

Vini Tripathii: An Ardent Entrepreneur on a Mission to Empower Amputees with a Neuroprosthetic Brain Control Interface

Vini Tripathi

Vini Tripathi, Co-Founder, Invictus BCI Incorporated Personal hardship is a fact of life. We all cope with tragedy or adversity in life at one point or another. But while most of us look at difficulties as setbacks and get disheartened, some turn their suffering into something meaningful. Such go-getter personalities never give up in the […]

Sue Tetzlaff and Jane McLeod: Spearheading the Transformation in healthcare through a Distinctive Sustainable Framework

Sue Tetzlaff and Jane McLeod

Sue Tetzlaff and Jane McLeod, Founders, Capstone Leadership Solutions, Inc Being a leader in the healthcare industry takes a unique set of skills. True healthcare leaders hold the potential to redefine and revamp the industry with undying perseverance, persistence, and passion. They inspire change in the current health system with truly innovative practices in delivering […]

Shanthi Raju: An Inspiring Business Leader Reforming the Healthcare Landscape


Shanthi Raju, Founder, Hidentity LLC Every successful entrepreneur starts somewhere. There’s no silver bullet or magic pill which will effortlessly launch you into the world of entrepreneurship and miraculously generate success overnight. Indeed, for some, the passion for entrepreneurship begins at a very early age and it takes unwavering diligence, tenacity, and determination to nourish […]