Corpoderm Healthcare and Beauty

Jose Flotatsto, Founder, Corpoderm Healthcare and Beauty

The beauty sector is an important facet of the larger healthcare industry. In the face of urgent or serious healthcare threats, the beauty sector maybe unfortunately undervalued. But the truth is that our society gives lots of importance and meaning to physical beauty: According to research, most people around the world primarily rely on their eye sight for their day-to-day activities. Thus, we pay lots of attention to physical beauty in the people around us. In addition, a physically beautiful person is often considered to have health, vitality and energy – signifying holistic wellness. So, because our society values physical beauty deeply, we need to support its well-being and growth.

In the European healthcare industry, an eminent aesthetic devices providing company ‘Corpoderm Healthcare and Beauty’ has been greatly supporting the region’s beauty sector for 16 years. It was set up in 2005 by Mr. José Flotats to provide good quality services for beauty professionals, wanting to genuinely care for their clients, rather than to make money. In addition to providing some of the industry’s best quality professional beauty equipment, the company provides several additional services to continuously support their clients’ sustainability and stability.

Supporting Beauty Professionals through State-of-the-Art Appliances

Corpoderm’s primary strength is their high quality beauty appliances. It’s a designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional beauty appliances exclusively for professionals of beauty and para-medical care spaces. In fact, the company is well-regarded as a leader within aesthetic care technologies, thanks to their broad range of innovative appliances. To realize professional excellence, the company believes in and practices ‘innovation as a driving force, sustainability as an objective’.

“We first identify the most innovative and efficient technologies. We collaborate with specialist engineers to perfect these technologies to improve efficiency, reliability and safety. Before distributing our equipment, we ensure compliance with legal frameworks and conduct studies. Thus, we can guarantee aesthetic professionals a long-term and risk-free partnership,” Mr. Flotats says.

Corpoderm has an in-depth expertise within aesthetic care and thus, they can develop equipment tailored to suit the requirements of practitioners as well as their customers. “With the emergence of newer aesthetic technologies, beauty, anti-aging and slimming treatments have dramatically improved in the recent years. Supported by cutting-edge scientific research and validated with customers’ visible results, these innovative technologies are attracting many new customers, Mr. Flotats says. Some of the latest beauty care solutions available today are non-invasive, painless and risk-free technologies – an improvement on conventional cosmetic surgery and it’s also appealing to general medical professions.

Corpoderm’s technologies primarily encompass diagnostics, slimming, anti-aging and beauty. They provide a wide variety of high quality equipment with innovative capabilities that realize good results, with long-term cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Their innovative solutions help beauty professionals provide services with better precision and efficiency as well as have profitability. It helps them to do their job with confidence as well as attract and retain newer customers.

Customer Relationships Built on Trust and Genuine Care

Corpoderm’s aesthetic care technologies are availed by professionals of beauty and para-medical care fields. This includes beauty therapists, physical therapists, practice nurses and so on, within beauty institutes, slimming centers, sports centers, fitness centers and paramedical offices. Through the company’s innovative and high quality services, clients have a big opportunity to satisfy their customers’ needs well as well as support their establishment’s profitability. In fact, many of their clients have shared testimonies, listing positive experiences as well as results.

To realize healthy and strong relationships with their clients, Corpoderm practices genuinely caring for their clients, not concerned about making profits. They thus want to create relationships built on trust. In addition to tailoring services for each client’s needs, the company takes care to ensure their clients’ continued success. They maintain close ‘proximity’ with clients, to stay abreast with their latest challenges and work closely together to find an answer. In addition, they offer a range of supportive services including guarantee, quality assurance, training, advice and after-sales services.

An Innovative Leader in Europe’s Beauty Industry

Corpoderm was set up in 2005, in Toulouse, France, as a family business, but thanks to providing excellent services continuously, the company is quickly becoming a strong pillar of Europe’s aesthetic care industry. The company gives lots of respect to innovativeness in their services because this produces good results. In fact, their employees ensure to carefully study technological developments and thus develop improved versions of their appliances.

In addition to the company headquarters, Corpoderm has additional offices in Paris, Chartres, Marseille and Bordeaux. Their employees regularly travel to clients’ offices to work closely with them. Further, the company collaborates with many companies within the international beauty ecosystem, wanting to support good quality services. Thus, thanks to taking care in all vital aspects of providing professional services, the company has been successful. Being well-established as an innovator leader within Europe’s beauty industry today, the future looks bright for the company.