Jack Olive is a senior editor for ‘The Healthcare Insights’, for over two years now. He has been writing, managing and optimizing written content for online audiences, for over seven years now. Over the course of his writing career, he has written and published news, updates, insights and reports with an emphasis on clear communication.

Jack is a firm believer in the power of media and communication. In the future, he wants to set up his own business to rekindle curiosity, to spread awareness and inspire people towards values such as good health, education and more.

Sarah Lee is a senior writer at The Healthcare Insights. She has graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Arts & Social Sciences. After graduation, Ruth began her career as a writer in Apac Business Headlines. As part of her responsibility, she writes inspiring stories about business leaders and innovative modern technology. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, cooking and travelling. In the future, Ruth aims to start her own blog for readers.

James Alan is a Senior Staff Writer at The Healthcare Insights. He writes strategic business content to help entrepreneurs and startups to enhance their business. Graduated in 2014 from Texas State University from a major in BA English, he worked as a freelance copywriter for many reputed companies before joining The Healthcare Insights.

James is a voracious reader, and he loves to read articles and magazines on business and tech. Since he is also passionate about business writing, he always attends tech and business seminars conducted by professionals in the US.

He aims to achieve a good career in business writing. And, he looks forward to starting an enterprise of his own in the near future.

As a senior writer for The Healthcare Insights, Jane Rye curates, writes and edits written content for its weekly online publication and quarterly print versions. As part of her responsibilities, she is in charge of designing the content strategy, managing content for social media and writing content for clients’ websites.

Jane is interested in writing for fitness, sports science and athletics the most. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, meditating, practicing musical instruments and gardening. Outside her office, she frequently volunteers for philanthropic institutes and eco-friendly initiatives like cleaning streets and planting seeds.