Priti Sahai, CEO, Plexome

There is a pressing need for disruptive innovation in healthcare and clinical research. This doesn’t mean simply introducing more technology but promoting value-based healthcare and fostering integration and collaboration by fundamentally rethinking how healthcare is delivered. This calls for efficient communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. But, the number of problems arises exponentially as the number of projects and collaborators increases. It is estimated that nearly 40% of the collaborative time is spent in either searching for information or duplicating efforts. This causes frustrating delays and wasted effort that could have been put to better use.

When Priti Sahai, an industry veteran with over 18 years of healthcare technology and business strategy experience saw this theme playing out repeatedly across institutions that she was working with, she decided to change this industry scenario. She asked herself—What if you could access the tools and data that you need to manage a collaborative professional network through the tap of a button? And, this led to the inception of Plexome, a leading healthcare IT solution provider dedicated to offering healthcare organizations all the tools and insights they need to make all of their collaborations a hassle-free and productive experience. Headquartered in Fremont, California, today, the pioneering company is empowering teams through the instant creation of a compliant and productive environment to manage clinical and scientific collaborations and arming them with unparalleled visibility into insights that give them an edge.

Following an Innovative Two-Pronged Approach

At its core, Plexome connects healthcare professionals in a network and makes collaborating on projects easier and hassle-free. “More often than not, resources are not available when needed – not because they don’t exist but because they are often in localized silos that are inaccessible, unusable, or not found through traditional means. Through our platform, members have instant access to all of their projects in one location, and the ability to easily find peers, tools, resources, and information required for the successful management of their collaborative initiatives,” elucidates Priti.

Plexome’s goal is to reduce the time professionals spend in searching for information and avoid duplication of efforts. The company is doing this through an innovative two-pronged approach. With its ability to auto-discover network-related data, it is helping its customer to save a tremendous amount of time and gain visibility into the information that they didn’t even know existed. And, the second strength that it brings to the table lies in its unique architecture that blends pre-built features and integrations with customer-specific configurations and project-specific customizations. This approach allows its customers to be up and running quickly but still gives them the flexibility to grow and transform as their network evolves over time.

Providing Customers with a Comprehensive Suite of Services

Recalling the journey of Plexome over the years, Priti asserts, “our journey so far has been extremely encouraging and we are honored to be working with some very impactful groups. We take pride in our customer engagement process and work closely with each one of our customers to strengthen their collaborative network.”

Since its inception in 2018, the company has come a long way, navigating several challenges along the path. One of the critical challenges for Plexome was to ensure that all stakeholders in the clinical and scientific community have an efficient way to connect easily, collaborate efficiently and share securely without having to worry about the mechanics of the process. “Our customers are primarily clinicians, scientists, and administrators – they are not software developers or marketers and should not have to worry about technical details such as website hosting, search optimization, security, compliance, integration, and other such aspects that are an integral and crucial part of any collaborative initiative but are not directly related to the core innovation they are working on,” adds Priti.

Plexome doesn’t just sell a software product and walks away. It partners with its customers and provides them with a comprehensive suite of services that makes it easier for members in their professional network to work together so that instead of worrying about the logistics, they can focus on their project’s mission and activities.

Committed to Attaining Optimum Client Satisfaction

With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has been successfully catering to its clients’ requirements without compromising their expectations. Speaking of their customers’ response, Priti opines, “Our customers are very satisfied with the efficiency and feeling of connectedness that they are achieving through our platform. Not only are they more connected with their members and projects, but they also have a centralized place to go to for all project-related discussions, documents, and other resources. They also love the visibility they have into their network’s activities which helps them better understand the impact that their organization is having in the community, and to manage their risks more efficiently.”

Another common feedback that the company often receives from its customers is their appreciation of the depth of knowledge and range of professional services that it brings to the table. Plexome approaches each engagement as a partner, deeply invested in the customer’s success and that is reflected in its entire team’s dedication to making each implementation a successful one.

Looking Forward to Exciting Developments in the Future

Plexome is founded on the firm belief that collaborations and knowledge sharing would occur a lot more if it was just easier to do so. “Whether they are working with peers down the hall or across the globe, we want to make it easy for healthcare professionals to scale their collaborative outreach in a secure and compliant manner and without having to jump through complex infrastructural, operational, and technical hoops,” says Priti.

Driven by this belief and customer-centric value, the company intends to continue building on its strengths and provide its members with the tools needed by them to be successful in their individual programs. It also has some exciting plans ahead for its product roadmap. “We are very enthusiastic about the direction we are headed in as well as the overwhelming, positive response we continue to receive from our members on a daily basis. We have some exciting developments planned for our product roadmap. We firmly believe that everyone can contribute to the community and welcome all opportunities for a conversation,” affirms Priti on a concluding note.