SD Global: Making Hospitals Smarter

Times are changing. Nowadays, technology is so deeply rooted in our daily lives that it has almost become a necessity. Ranging from our phones to our smart appliances, the sheer variety of devices that are being integrated into the network has not only improved connectivity but functionality as well. So, it is only natural that the smart ecosystem would grow and reach other industries that could use all the help they can get. The Healthcare sector is one such industry that could benefit greatly from the usage of smart devices. And for this reason, SD Global, a healthcare solutions expert from malaysia has made it it’s aim to help hospitals in the Asia pacific region realize the power of this technology. 

SD Global’s primary goal is to make hospitals smarter. But why would any health institute invest its time and money in tech when existing systems work? The answer to this can be summed up in one word, efficiency. With time, one must always work to make progress. This means that the learning process never stops and there is always scope for betterment. And in this case particularly, the “betterments” that are offered through the incorporation of smart devices is far too many. 

Smart hospitals come with a degree of automation for ease of use. This subsequently enables medical professionals to spend less time on managerial operations and focus more on attending to their patients. Other features of a smart hospital include seamless exchange of medical data between doctors, patients and caregivers, secure and ethical data management, and a robust system that is equipped for future use cases. With such flexible and functional features, it is obvious that smart devices would easily improve the efficiency and quality of any healthcare facility.  

To make the vision of smart hospitals a reality, changes would have to be made beginning from the grassroots level. Such hospitals would be built on new clinical processes, have highly digitised infrastructures and enhanced management systems. They would be powered by interconnected devices that provide essential data effectively and in a cost efficient manner.

What smart hospitals essentially do is use cutting edge technologies such as IOT, AI, Machine Learning etc to bring together the infrastructure, people, clinical processes and administrative workflows. By doing so, patient care and safety can be greatly improved. And the entire organization can be run smoothly with minimal human errors. 

Even though setting up a smart hospital sounds straightforward in theory, the amount of subprocesses and planning involved is quite complex. The implementation of such hospitals requires a comprehensive strategy, a clear and holistic vision, alignment with business goals and understanding of relevant technology. 

Coming up with a plan of action by factoring in all necessary variable is of course the first task. SD Global does this by thinking from both the patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives. Beyond just digitization, the company considers factors like hospital processes, staff, patients and technology to automate workflow and improve data availability. 

The company then moves onto the second step where they analyze and understand the type of technology that is needed to solve a given scenario. Depending upon the requirements given by the client hospital, SD global chooses from a wide array of industry leading tech such as wearables, sensors, face recognition software etc to make healthcare better. 

After this, SD Global works on building a modular framework around the technology to enable smooth functioning while providing room for future changes. Since each component addresses a specific set of requirements, hospitals can leverage such tried and tested components individually or collectively depending upon the necessity. 

Systems designed by SD Global in general offer basic modules, supplementary modules and specialty modules. And as discussed before, hospitals are free to choose the modules that best suits their needs. Basic modules are included by default with any SD Global package as they cover processes that are essential for any hospital such as clinical data, billing, emergency patient handling etc. 

The need to keep up with the evolving technological landscape is very real. Although hospitals are capable of functioning without “smart” features, the healthcare industry cannot afford to fall back in terms of modern attributes as such amenities are a norm in today’s world. Moreover, the gains in efficiency and quality also supplement the fact that such features can definitely change this industry for the better. And SD Global is a company that will undoubtedly help the healthcare industry convolve with modern times.