More Fiber and Yogurt a Day Keeps Lung Cancer Away

As we’ve talked about a countless number of times, nutrition is absolutely critical for the proper functioning of the body. Following a diet that is low in sugars and trans fats, eating more vegetables and lean meats, are all general “healthy dieting” rules that most of us are aware of. But if a basic diet plan could yield multiple benefits, just imagine the sort of benefits a more detailed diet plan could have! By breaking down your intake into macro and micronutrients, it is more than possible to design your meals to provide you with specific benefits. On that note, let us now take a look at how a certain diet scheme that uses this philosophy potentially reduces the risk of contracting lung cancer. 

Diets that are high in fiber and yogurt are already known to have major health benefits. Past research has shown that such a diet can even help with cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal cancer. But recent studies that was based on data from over 1.4 million people from around the world has further shown that it may also protect against lung cancer.

The candidates were split into five groups based on the amount of fiber and yogurt they consumed. It was seen that the one who consumed the most fiber and yogurt had a substantial 33% reduction in the risk of contracting lung cancer compared to those who consumed lower amounts of fiber and yogurt. 

The study also factored in other important details into the sample sets to account for a wider populous. It included current, past and never smokers, men, women, and individuals with varying backgrounds. This large sample set facilitated the collection of better and more comprehensive data. 

The researchers believe that the reason behind the benefits of this diet could be due to the prebiotic and probiotic properties of yogurt and high fiber foods. Such properties could independently or synergistically modulate gut bacteria in a beneficial way.

Given the options that are available to us in today’s world, modifying your diet to extract maximum personalised benefits is very easy. And in this particular case, it is clear that incorporating more fibers and yogurt in your diet can contribute significantly towards reduction in the risk of contracting lung cancer. That is what it boils down to, the small changes that we make in our everyday diet. So go ahead, take the first step, eat more fibers and yogurt, and keep lung cancer away!