How Much Water Should You Drink While Working Out

How Much Water Should You Drink While Working Out

It’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially when exercising and sweating off a lot of the water you’ve stored up in your body. Your ability to work out with others or jog around the neighborhood may quickly deteriorate if you don’t drink enough water. The best way to hydrate our bodies is to […]

5 Vintage Fitness Trends that are Still Effective


Back then, people engaged in physical activity by farming, hunting, building, and walking long distances. But in the late 18th century, a German showman by the name of Eugen Sandow popularized the idea of bodybuilding, which completely altered the game of maintaining fitness and building your body. Bodybuilding competitions such as Mr. Olympia and numerous […]

The Importance of Sports to Health and Fitness

The Importance of Sports to Health and Fitness

Playing sports is a great way to improve one’s health and fitness. Sports have a huge impact on a person’s daily life and health. Sometimes it’s difficult to muster the motivation to spend hours on a treadmill to lose stubborn fat. Still, an invitation to participate in an exciting sport would motivate you to get […]

6 Fitness Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Fitness Trends

It has been two years since the Covid-19 pandemic started, and adaptation was the central theme while navigating the impacts of the pandemic. This adaptation was required to keep yourself and your loved ones safe concerning various aspects of life, including how we went grocery shopping, spent time with family and friends and exercised to […]

High Intensity Interval Training: The Answer to Dementia?

High Intensity Interval Training

As we all know, exercise is good for both the mind and body. It is no doubt that many of us would’ve come across a variety of methods to exercise. And although subjecting your body to any sort of physical training is beneficial in some way, “what training method do I follow?” is still one […]

Soccer: The Key to Better Bone Development for Adolescents?

The Key to Better Bone Development for Adolescents

Football or Soccer is known to be one of the most popular sports in the world. With over 4 billion fans spread across the entire planet, football has brought together people from various cultures and has cemented itself as the most followed sport in history. Besides the entertainment factor, for the people who play it, […]

Do Minor Head Impacts During Sports Cause Major Damage?

Do Minor Head Impacts During Sports Cause Major Damage

Sports is one of the most enjoyable, yet physically rewarding activities that has always been encouraged since childhood. The benefits of playing a well rounded sport, as we all know, are many. From improved muscle quality to higher levels of stamina, athletes have always been some of the most physically fit individuals throughout the course […]

ACL Injuries: Can Future Occurrence be Predicted?

ACL Injuries

The life of an athlete can be very demanding. The amount of physical overload an athlete’s muscles are subjected to can quite easily take a toll on the body even though such individuals may be professionals who are at peak physical fitness. This is why injuries are common occurrences for athletes, especially joint related injuries […]

Can Muscle Growth lead to a loss in Muscle Endurance?

Can Muscle Growth lead to a loss in Muscle Endurance

Fitness has generated a lot of hype in recent times. More and more people have started to grow aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. And more specifically, people have begun to find the idea of a bigger muscular structure, a lot more attractive. This in general is a very positive attitude […]