Do Minor Head Impacts During Sports Cause Major Damage?

Do Minor Head Impacts During Sports Cause Major Damage

Sports is one of the most enjoyable, yet physically rewarding activities that has always been encouraged since childhood. The benefits of playing a well rounded sport, as we all know, are many. From improved muscle quality to higher levels of stamina, athletes have always been some of the most physically fit individuals throughout the course […]

ACL Injuries: Can Future Occurrence be Predicted?

ACL Injuries

The life of an athlete can be very demanding. The amount of physical overload an athlete’s muscles are subjected to can quite easily take a toll on the body even though such individuals may be professionals who are at peak physical fitness. This is why injuries are common occurrences for athletes, especially joint related injuries […]

A Revolution in Sports Injury Treatment : Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

The different ways in which we treat and handle injuries have undergone significant changes over the past few years. Doctors are now able to solve such issues by providing treatment that helps us rebuild using the most fundamental unit of the human body, cells. Specifically, our medical experts achieve this through the usage of stem […]