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Too busy to add more exercise to your schedule? When you can’t seem to make time for a full workout, try these no-sweat ways to simply move more.

You found your keys. You found the motivation to clean out your closet. Now you can find at least 150 minutes each week to get physically active! Don’t worry, there are plenty of easy, no-cost ways to do it.

Think there’s no way you can find the time? Good news: You don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, it’s better to spread your activity throughout the week. You can get health benefits even if you split it into a few short bouts of exercise a day.

Time is something that is valuable to everyone. Time is not infinite and we have only 24 hours in a day. In these 24 hours, we have to get enough sleep, eat, and spend time with family and work. Due to all the excess activities, it gets too busy to add more exercise to our schedule. 

Even the shortest exercise sessions require time to fit into the busiest of schedules. It is also easy to lose motivation, particularly if you haven’t discovered enjoyable ways to exercise. But you are never too busy to exercise, and there are plenty of enjoyable ways to get moving. You simply need to devise an exercise regimen that works for you. 

So how can you work out and take care of yourself when you are short and on time? Here are a few inventive ways to get more exercise done in less time.            

Easy Ways to Sneak Exercise When You Are Short On Time

Imagine that you don’t have to worry about your parking space for your car or bike and you just go to work or university walking or using a cycle. However, this is not feasible because your final destination might be far from where you are staying. Thus, if you cannot completely avoid using your vehicle, try at least walking for 20 minutes a day. You can get exercise by walking around your workplace or university. If you walk even one mile, go for it as little thighs in life add up. 

Housework can be an excellent way to burn calories. Sweeping the house, vacuuming, and washing clothes can be vigorous activities that can be done in your home. If you own a car, wash it yourself rather than taking it to a car wash. You can complete an exercise in a short period of time and save money. If you have a yard, you can take care of it and do the work yourself rather than hiring a gardener to do it for you. You can be around your house listening to music. 

One of the easiest ways to get more exercise done when you are short on time is to take advantage of technology. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and move if you are easily distracted by your daily tasks. Additionally, scheduling time slots in your calendar and setting digital reminders ensure you stick to your goal. You can make use of smart watches or any other exercise tracker that can help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated. 

Another best way to get more exercise done when you are short on time is to tag along with your kids or spouse for a walk. It is an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones while burning a few calories. Keep it fun by exploring new neighborhoods or turning your walk into a scavenger hunt. Another quick way to squeeze in more exercise is to use the stairs. When possible, take the stairs, even if it’s just two floors away from your destination. Walk or climb to your destination rather than using an elevator.