Technologies that are revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technologies that are revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

The adoption of cutting-edge technologies can play a vital role in the digital revolution of the pharmaceutical industry. While capturing that opportunity requires identifying the right initiatives. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR-VR, Digital Applications, Internet of Things, Blockchain, 3D printers, Organ-on-Chips are among the innovations that are beginning to transform the pharmaceutical […]

Keycentrix Announces New Software VP

Pharmacy management software

Former McKesson Exec to Lead keycentrix™ Technology Development (Wichita, Kan.) Keycentrix, a leader in pharmacy management software and technology, is announcing the addition of Binny John as its Vice President of Software Development, effective immediately. John brings to Keycentrix an extensive 25-year background in technology leadership and software development, with more than 19 years at […]

A Microdevice that Improves Drug Efficiency

Drug Efficiency

Since the dawn of medical sciences, we have made several breakthroughs and have been able to tackle most medical issues that were thrown our way. And the methods we’ve used to address such issues have most often than not involved the usage of medicinal drugs. As much as these drugs have helped us, there have […]

Security Tags for Duplicate Drugs

security tags for duplicate drugs

The counterfeit drug market is thriving. Given the size of the medicine industry and the sheer number of medicinal products that are made, it has become relatively easy for scammers to take advantage of this situation and sell fake drugs for massive profits. This is a cause for major concern as such products can easily […]

A New Drug that can Stop Nipah?

A New Drug that can Stop Nipah

One of the biggest forms of natural disasters, that has taken countless number of human lives, are epidemics. From AIDS to swine flu, even after all the leaps our race has made in the medical field, such diseases have still managed to wreak havoc amongst our populous. And now to add to our woes, the […]

A New Method to Treat Brain Cancer?


Till date, traditional chemotherapy has been the most commonly used method of treatment for all kinds of cancer including brain cancer. This being a full body treatment, has the potential to sometimes do more harm than good as the side effects may be severe. And even though it may be far from ideal, it continues […]