Nicole Latimer, Chief Executive Officer, Medrio

The past year really shone a light on the necessity of clinical research and the impact it can make in the lives of patients who critically need it. Here, diverse participants like pharma companies, life science organizations, CROs, third party researchers, medical technology companies and volunteers come together. 

Clinical trials are quite complicated, time-consuming and demanding procedures generally. Some of the big challenges here are engaging or retaining patients, saving good quality information, learning from the information, leadership, ethics and timeliness. So, participants avail help from emerging technologies like digital devices and cloud computing to perform trials with ease. In particular, they avail dedicated tech solutions meant especially for clinical trials. 

Considering that many parameters come into play, clinical trials are continually changing in nature. For example, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world. Healthcare as a whole, including the common approach to clinical trials, has changed significantly to accommodate new rules like social distancing. Also, trends like patient-centricity, greater regulatory support, the popularity of decentralized clinical trials and the increasing number of trials around the world are changing the nature of clinical trials from within. 

In this context, Medrio is one of the world’s best clinical trial technology companies today. They were established by a small group of innovators in 2005, believing in simplifying the complexities within clinical research and trials through technological means. Over the years, they have grown to develop and offer a suite of innovative tech solutions dedicated to the clinical trials. They have succeeded thanks to their innovative services, subject matter expertise, dedicated customer support, exceptional track record, keeping abreast with the heartbeat of clinical trials as well as caring for their customers genuinely. 

Addressing Critical Challenges within Clinical Trials Today

“Medrio was founded on the idea that collecting and organizing clinical trial data shouldn’t require a computer science degree. Our founders recognized that clinical trials were already complex enough and believed there was a better, more affordable way to collect data and improve accuracy. So, they tweaked and tinkered to develop the industry’s first cloud-based electronic data capture system i.e., Medrio EDC,” Nicole Latimer, the company’s CEO, shares. 

“We didn’t stop there. Since 2005, we have developed an eSuite of data collection and management tools designed to meet the needs of researchers and patients alike from anywhere and at any time,” Latimer says. From the beginning, the company has been striving to make life easier for patients and researchers involved in clinical trials, with the help of the best tech tools. So, they have been developing a variety of solutions designed to resolve the critical needs within clinical trials. They emphasize user friendliness, patient friendliness and interoperability in their services so that virtually any beginner, without any formal training, can begin working easily. 

Providing World Class Clinical Trial Technology Services

“Clinical trials grow more complex every day. We believe that flexible technology is the key to success in an ever-changing clinical trial landscape. Our Electronic Data Capture, eConsent, Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes, Direct Data Capture and Randomization & Trial Supply Management solutions are all agile and flexible enough to be used in clinic or remotely at any time and from anywhere,” Latimer says. Their comprehensive services thoroughly address all the critical needs of clinical trials, bringing many  strengths along the way. These strengths include improved information quality, user friendliness, speed, agility, portability, a completely paperless approach and efficiency. Further, they provide a host of insightful resources educating about the latest trends today like the promising decentralized trials, to guide customers towards well-informed decisions.

“Where we really shine is our commitment to customers, no matter the time of day you will get expert customer support from a live team member. Our solutions are compliant and secure, so you can be confident in your data privacy and meeting regulatory expectations,” Latimer says. 

In sum, their services have five strengths. First, their services are fast. Second, they address needs of all kinds of trials including traditional, fully virtual, hybrid or decentralized. Third, they have no downtime for mid-study changes. Fourth, they are very user friendly, allowing sponsors and CROs to stay in charge of their studies, and maintain control of their data. Fifth, their customer service is always available, with a Medrio staff member dedicated to answer customers’ calls and queries.

Committed to Realizing a Bright Future

The company has three core values guiding its efforts. First, putting people first i.e., they want to help their customers solve their challenges and succeed. Second, doing business the right way i.e., they engage with customers with openness, trust and transparency. Third, nurturing everyone’s health with creativity and passion. Their purpose is to create a healthier world with the help of clinical technology and having helped more than 33 million people thus far, they are doing a very good job. 

“COVID-19 has been the challenge that is still keeping us on our toes. At first, we weren’t sure how the industry would react. Thankfully, we’ve been innovating clinical trials since 2005. Our solutions are exactly what the industry needed at this critical time. We allowed sponsors and CROs to move their trials into remote settings easily. Because of all this, we’ve grown organizationally and foundationally,” Latimer says.

In view of the future, Medrio wants to continuously invest in their unified clinical technology platform, eSuite, professional network and cloud tech services. “Exceeding customer expectations, both technical and advisory services, is very important to us. As we grow, we are devoted to ensuring that our award-winning customer service teams continue to provide exceptional response and resolution times for our customers. Alongside investing in our product suite, we will continue to expand our in-house customer success teams because we know that personalized, concierge-like service 24/7 is key to bringing medical advances to market,” Latimer concludes optimistically.