Taking a Closer Look at Post-COVID-19 Brain Fog

Brain Fog

“What was I supposed to do here again? “Did I turn the oven off?”  “Wait, what was I saying?”—We’ve all had these thoughts at one point or another. We all have been there: we walk into a room and then can’t remember why we went there in the first place. Sometimes, we also lose our […]

Cardiac Insight Announces Expansion into 20 APAC country Markets with a Partnership i.SigNal by Dreamtech.


Dreamtech distributes Cardea SOLO™ ECG System in Korea through its latest healthcare organization, iSigNal, and leads commercial expansion in 20+ other APAC countries. US-based Cardiac Insight takes up a distribution deal to enter the APAC market. American medical device maker Cardiac Insight specializing in wearable cardiac sensors and automated ECG analysis software, announced today that […]

WHO warns delta variant taking hold of most countries Worldwide

WHO warns

The World Health Organization’s Europe director apprised that the highly transmissible COVID-19 variant first spotted in India is “poised to take hold in the region.” Many countries prepare to tone down the restrictions and allow more social gatherings and flying across borders. During a news briefing on Thursday, WHO’s Dr. Hans Kluge said that the […]

Exploring the Relationship Between Technology and Stress

Technology and Stress

In the spirit of the annual stress awareness month ‘April’, we want to talk more about stress. Medical experts everywhere around the world have a roughly common understanding of stress as a “person’s physical, mental or emotional response to external changes”. But from a healthcare point-of-view, stress is a very powerful silent killer. It affects […]

Benefits that analytical solutions bring to a hospital

Hospital Analytics

A few years ago, the health sector started to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its capacity to make diagnoses, improve the quality of the care provided to patients and also be more efficient in its processes. Last year, Accenture already indicated that the numbers should only grow: the AI ​​market in healthcare was forecast […]

How virtual reality help in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disabilities

virtual reality

Technology constitutes a relevant contribution also in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. Virtual reality offers interesting therapeutic possibilities in the clinical environment offering advantages to patients for the recovery of lost abilities and even to acquire new skills and abilities. Advantages of Virtual Reality  Virtual reality allows providing a flexible environment adapting to the needs of […]

How to implement telemedicine for clinics

telemedicine for clinics

Telemedicine for clinics is a healthcare modality that promises to revolutionize how medical units relate to their patients. With the growth of virtual communication technologies and the advancement of medical innovations, the adoption of new practices has become indispensable for any clinic that wishes to modernize and remain relevant to the public.  More than facilitating […]

The importance of monitoring hospital occupancy rate

monitoring hospital

The hospital occupancy rate is a management indicator that provides information on the hospital’s service capacity, helping to assess whether there are missing or empty beds and to know about the usability of the spaces. With this index, it is possible to dimension the usage profile, the replacement intervals, and the average stay of users […]