LepsiApp, the first prescription app to improve epilepsy management


The Neuraxpharm Company has presented LepsiApp, the first medical prescription application in Spain that helps improve epilepsy management. The telemedicine solution, available for IOS and Android, has a double objective: to help patients to have a better knowledge of their health status, and to offer innovative solutions to medical professionals to improve treatment adherence.  “Neuraxpharm […]

EOS: personalized orthopedic care for patients


EOS additive manufacturing system used for the highly innovative Point of Care Printing, the first 3D design, and printing facility to produce complex customized systems on the HSS campus in New York developed with Italian Lima Corporate. LimaCorporate, an Italian company with expertise in the field of 3D printing for orthopedics, and the Hospital for […]

2021 Fitness Tech Trends

Fitness Tech Trends

Trends come and go, but it’s always fun to see what happens. Despite the pandemic and global crisis, the fitness industry continues to grow. In recent months, fitness enthusiasts began to pair their wearable devices with home fitness and outdoor workouts like cross-functional training, kickboxing, piloting, and a variety of other new ideas, showing there […]

How Robotics in Medicine will revolutionize surgical procedures

Robotic Surgery

If you had to undergo a delicate surgical procedure and could choose, would you choose to be operated by a specialist doctor or a robot? Advances in medical technology are such that it is becoming increasingly common to use robotic instruments to perform delicate and minimally invasive surgical procedures. After all, who doesn’t want to […]

Ermes: the algorithm that protects the health of hospitals

health and security

The wave of cyber attacks that hit 2020 has not spared hospitals and research centers. Important institutions such as the World Health Organization are at the expense of this, while in Italy the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome has also had to face hackers. Computer hacking can have dramatic consequences: in September a woman died from […]

How medical imaging helps in diagnosis agility

medical imaging

For a doctor, the first step in making a diagnosis is to interview the patient. It is possible to obtain information about the current disease and important data related to it. However, it is not always possible to define what affects the patient only with clinical data, that is, in the office. To complement and […]

Minsait: the digital technologies to build the future of healthcare

digital technologies in healthcare

Minsait presents the report on the impact of digital technologies in healthcare, which in Italy had a strong boost during the pandemic. According to the latest report from Minsait, an Indra company highlights trends in healthcare digitalization, which will enable the faster generation of diagnostics, better remote care, and remote monitoring of patients in treatment […]

EIT Health: EUR 410,000 loan for SurgiQ

EIT Health

SurgiQ, an Italian start-up, specializes in helping public and private hospitals to better plan the activities. It has received mentoring and financial support in this year’s EIT Health Headstart program, which has just concluded an equity financing operation for an amount of 410,000 euros to further develop its innovative solution, the Q-planner.  Q-planner is an […]

Tips to maintain humanized care in Telemedicine


The use of Telemedicine is a reality in the health area. It has been used for a long time, from practices such as answering messages, to consultations by videoconference. Today, it has become even more indispensable.  In an exceptional situation, on March 18, 2020, the Ministry of Health authorized, via a bill, the use of […]