The importance of Business Intelligence in health management

Business Intelligence in healthcare

Used in the 1980s by the consulting firm Gartner Group, the term Business Intelligence (BI) started to be used in a context that had not yet gone through the digital revolution. Given this, it referred to the technologies used at the time to collect and analyze data related to the company’s activities. Its purpose was […]

Cloud Computing: Storing health data in the cloud

cloud computing in healthcare

Where is the best place to store medical data: in the cloud or on internal servers? Although cloud computing is no longer a trend or even a novelty, including for the health area, the issue still raises doubts among many hospital managers. Requirements such as security and deployment costs are most relevant for those dealing […]

How healthcare companies can use digital marketing to stand out

How healthcare companies can use digital marketing to stand out

Digital marketing for healthcare is a practice that grows more and more. Whether to attract new patients or retain existing ones, digital marketing strategies are essential for the visibility of your medical clinic. But do you know how to position yourself digitally? What strategies should a health institution adopt?  This is what you will discover […]

What benefits does PACS brings to health services

What benefits does PACS brings to health services

In general, technology has a positive impact on the excellence of health services. From the doctor’s work to the customer service, the whole process benefits from it. In this sense, one of the main advances in the health area was the creation of the PACS system. PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System) Due […]

Digital health trends in 2021

Digital health trends_2021

Due to the immense transformation in Medicine, caused by facing the pandemic, 2021 will be a very different year for doctors. The biggest global challenge to date has caused behavioral changes, anticipating the future, as is the case with telemedicine.  However, this almost surreal year came to an end, leaving behind some marked changes, in […]

Tips to ensure data security in healthcare

Tips to ensure data security in healthcare

The presence of technology in our daily lives is a facilitator in the course of many activities that would take hours to execute, especially when working with a very large volume of information. And a very recurring issue in this area concerns the security of patient and service provider data. As there is a very […]

What Can Quantum Computing Do To Healthcare?

Quantum computing in healthcare

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing are part of the technological areas that are improving medicine. In this case, the principles of quantum physics are of great help in the design of scanners for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of diseases. In this way, they help health professionals to detect pathologies that affect tissues at an […]

Opportunities health technologies have for young people

Studio shot good-looking happy tender charming young female lifestyle blogger typing new post online holding digital tablet smiling broadly giving health advices internet followers, white background

Although the new generations are part of the so-called “digital natives”, the experts who are driving trends in health do not know the in-depth tastes, desires, and ways of learning and interacting of young people with technology, due to the fact they belong to different digital generations. A research was conducted by the professors at […]

Digital transformation in healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare

Envision a world wherein individuals spend less time traveling to the clinic to make appointments since they can get check-ups and consultations at home, where every patient has a solitary 360-degree clinical record. What’s more, the patient-record has been consistently updated via healthcare teams. The costs and complications of chronic disease begin to decline as […]