Health 4.0: How technology brings efficiency

Medical cloud software

The concept of health 4.0 refers to the integration of the technological world with medicine, including the use of management software, cloud computer, automated mechanisms, the internet of things, and many others.  The term has a close relationship with the fourth industrial revolution, also called industry 4.0, which started in mid-2011 and provided the computerization […]

Tips for choosing an electronic medical record system in 2021

electronic medical record system

Choosing an electronic medical record system that best fits the needs of your medical clinic is an important decision and requires a lot of research. The tool must be customizable, which will guarantee the fulfillment of all the demands of your medical clinic and make your management more dynamic.  Besides, the electronic medical record system […]

Hospitals under cyberattacks: threats increase by 80%

cybersecurity in healthcare

Check Point Research reports a 45% increase in cyber attacks on healthcare organizations worldwide in the past two months, making the healthcare sector the most targeted by cybercriminals.  According to the researchers, hospitals are very attractive targets because they are more willing to meet ransom demands, under the overwhelming pressure of the growth of Covid-19 […]

BRAINTEASER: An EU project to fight sclerosis with innovation


The new European project Brainteaser officially kicks off. It is an ambitious project involving 11 partners led by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Brainteaser’s goal is to use AI artificial intelligence systems to process data from individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In this way, according to the project plans, […]

Immuni: A European app for tracking the COVID-19 infection


Are you planning a trip to Italy? If yes, then don’t forget to download the Immuni app- an italian app for tracking and breaking the chains of infection. With this, you can protect yourself and your loved ones, as well, while traveling in times of Covid. This Corona-Warn-App tracks the encounters of people and informs […]

EIT health raises €3M for Parkinson’s and cancer research

Parkinson EIT Health

In the last few months, the world has been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but other diseases have not rested because of it. Fortunately, neither did the research on these. As part of the wild card innovation program of the European institution EIT Health, two health startups have now received substantial financial support. A total […]