Advantages of Mobility Solutions for Healthcare

Mobility Solutions for Healthcare

With the rise of the internet and mobile technology, the world has become more connected than ever before. Nowadays, just through the tap of a few virtual buttons on a smartphone screen, we are able to do so many things which were not even remotely possible just a decade ago. So, it is only natural […]

An AI Based ECG Technique to Detect Hypoglycemia


Blood sugar levels have always been an important diagnostic in the detection of several health related conditions. This is especially true in the case of hypoglycemia diagnosis. But given the unnecessary hassle surrounding traditional blood sugar tests, it is a no brainer that any patient or even a doctor would prefer a simpler route if […]

New Biomarker for Breast Cancer Detection

breast cancer biomarkers

Medical imaging, as we’ve spoken about before, is an important factor in the diagnosis and treatment of several medical conditions. The importance of medical imaging becomes even more prominent in the case of cancer detection, as spotting them without the help of such technology could be quite a task. Even recently, the power of PET/MRI […]

The Influence of Breast Milk on Childhood Height and Weight


Infancy is the most crucial period in a human being’s life span. The type of stimulus a baby receives can easily influence its growth pattern and ultimately its health. And amongst the type of stimuli that can potentially make a difference, nutrition can definitely be considered as one of the most influential factors. So naturally, […]

Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual reality has undoubtedly been one of the hottest tech innovations of recent times. But that being said, the concept of it has existed for a long time now. Thanks to movies like tron and the matrix, people have been introduced to and mesmerised by the possibilities of virtual reality. So, having witnessed such a […]

A New Inexpensive Smart Diaper

Smart Diaper

As we all know smart devices are becoming more popular with every new product release. Daily household items such as washing machines and fridges have started gaining “smart” abilities enabling them to be much more than just regular dumb household items. But even considering the amount of items that have been incorporated into the smart […]

Reconstructing Blood Vessels


Reconstructing human body parts is no joke. The complex structures of most of our body parts has barred us from recreating them in situations that demand their replacement. But ever since the dawn of the new millenium, the leaps that mankind has made in this field have been monumental. Most recently, researchers from INSERM have […]

The Power of Tiny Magnets in Medicine

The Power of Tiny Magnets in Medicine

Over the years, we have discovered and invented several things that have benefited our lives in many ways. And amongst such findings, the concept of magnetism has been one scientific property that almost borders on being magic. Moreover, the applications of magnets extends to multiple fields. But most recently, researchers have shown that it can […]

Cell Phones and Thyroid Cancer


We have talked about the massive impact that technology has had on our world many times in the past. Given the countless ways in which modern technology has benefited us, it is no surprise that they were readily adopted by our society. But that being said, it is hard to overlook some of the side […]

What is blockchain for healthcare?


A blockchain is a transactional ledger. It records transactions, the movement of anything of value from one party to another.  What makes blockchain unique it that is a distributed ledger, which means a network of transactional partners can share a single copy of the ledger. Rather than having one copy of the ledger, held by […]