Benefits of using internal chat in the clinic

Benefits of using internal chat in the clinic

Until recently, e-mail was the main means of internal communication adopted by businesses of all sizes and segments. However, with the need for greater agility in the exchange of information, internal chat at the clinic has conquered more and more space in the corporate world.  In medical clinics, this feature is even more useful, since […]

Biometrics in healthcare: Enhancing patient identification

Biometrics in healthcare

Plastic access cards, key fobs, and passwords have proven their vulnerability – over the years of their use, many cases of theft, counterfeiting, and fraud have been recorded. Having entered the security market, biometric technologies have surpassed all of these technologies both in providing personal protection and in terms of improving the efficiency of identification […]

How technologies helps in beating Autism

autism apps

It was over a hundred years ago that the word autism first appeared in scientific work. It was a term coined by Eugene Bleuler in 1912, and since then thousands and thousands of hours of research have been dedicated to finding the root of this series of disorders and possible solutions to them. The data […]

Essential medical devices that should be available at your home

Essential medical devices that should be available at your home

One of the many lessons of this pandemic is that you cannot let your health depend 100% on others. You have to take responsibility individually, family, and collectively for the way you eat, your processes of personal cleaning, and how you prevent yourself from discomfort or illness. In addition to reviewing yourselves with medical specialists […]

5 Ways Alexa is improving health habits

You might already be using Amazon’s or Google Home’s Alexa assistants for multiple purposes: to play musical content, obtain information, communicate with your loved ones, and even to control your home through connected home automation products.  But did you know that you can also use it to achieve your health and fitness goals? Amazon has […]

Online psychotherapy – How does it work?

online therapy

In 2020, if you are looking for a business in your area, where will you do your research? If you want to know the price of a household appliance, where will you find this information? On the Internet, of course!  The digital revolution has brought numerous changes in many industries, including health services. Information on […]

How electronic health record improves patient care

electronic health record

Today, making the transition from a manual billing to another billing that is computerized, can transform a whole way of how a doctor’s office acts or deals with its procedures. Based on this, due to the extent that technology advances, health professionals today they can choose and choose to look for a computerized system that […]

How mHealth is beneficial for healthcare sector

mHealth benefits

It is no secret to anyone that the rapid adoptions of new technologies as well as the advances, in the matter have revealed a revolution and evolution in more than one industry. Although the mobile field is not new, it is one of the most disruptive technological integrations in recent years. And, the health sector […]

What people should know about digital health?

What people should know about Digital Health

Today, digital technologies are everywhere in our daily lives, and in businesses, it is present in every industry. They provide access to a large amount of information and profoundly change habits. And, with this, the field of health is also not spared. Specific solutions are dedicated to this sector with several innovations. Digital technology has […]

How Blockchain is organizing healthcare services

Blockchain in healthcare

The application of Blockchain technology has gone far beyond its use in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Given its characteristics and enormous advantages, its technological innovation is generating a huge impact in many industries. Along with storing and protecting data, it allows the transfer of ownership of units using an encryption system without requiring the control of […]