telemedicine for clinics

Telemedicine for clinics is a healthcare modality that promises to revolutionize how medical units relate to their patients. With the growth of virtual communication technologies and the advancement of medical innovations, the adoption of new practices has become indispensable for any clinic that wishes to modernize and remain relevant to the public. 

More than facilitating and accelerating care, Telemedicine is of paramount importance so that they become more accessible, complete, and advantageous, both for doctors and for the people served. 

But, why is Telemedicine for clinics already one of the biggest trends in health, and how to adapt to this new reality?

Why is telemedicine for clinics important? 

Telemedicine for clinics is a virtual health care area that provides remote and more complete care through electronic tools that complement traditional medical interventions. In addition to video consultations, the modality is widely used for issuing remote reports and sharing documents with the digital signature, such as: Recipes; Exam results; Certificates, and so on. 

As Telemedicine provides a more practical contact between doctors and patients, it significantly favors treatments. Thus, making them more accessible, complete and with better monitoring. Contrary to what many people think, remote medicine did not appear to replace conventional health standards. It serves to improve existing medical routines, using technological resources that streamline and facilitate various processes!

How to implement Telemedicine for clinics

Many several professionals believe that the implementation of Telemedicine for clinics is complex. However, it is very simple and does not require high investments. 

The best way to start is by assessing the unit, which must take into account 3 aspects: 

  • Your infrastructure; 
  • Its components;
  • And work routines.

Optimized infrastructure 

  • Regarding infrastructure, try to evaluate points such as: 
  • Physical space available for lending equipment; 
  • Number of care professionals for exams or teleconsultations; 
  • Internet connection; 
  • Demands to expand specialties, among others.

 In this sense, it is also important to note that the Telemedicine platform for clinics itself represents an important structural aspect.

Team training 

Finally, do not forget that the adoption of digital service modalities also requires total engagement and qualification of your team of professionals! The team is responsible for operating the equipment must know their specific protocols. 

Besides, the system as a whole needs to be mastered by employees, as it also includes administrative, medical agenda issues, among others that have a direct impact on the activities performed within the clinic.


Telemedicine for clinics is an alternative that already adds many benefits to health units in the world! Through secure and integrated platforms, the modality allows the realization of:

  • Remote queries
  • Easy referral of medical records
  • Expanded access to different specialties
  • A significant cost reduction

In addition to several other possibilities, it favors patients and increases the results of medical companies.

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