PatchAi and Roche sign an agreement for a digital health solution for Oncology

Digital Health Oncology

PatchAi is an Italy-based digital health startup focused on improving patient engagement involved in clinical research and patient support programs (PSP). Roche is a major player in the pharmaceutical industry in the international pharmaceutical landscape. In 2020, together they started a project for a digital health solution for oncology in Italy.  The agreement gave birth […]

Structurally Breaking down the Novel Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus

Researchers are working hard every single day to find a fix for the global medical crisis caused by the novel coronavirus. The parent virus called SARS-CoV-2 is highly infectious and can eventually lead to severe pneumonia or COVID19. At this early stage in the virus’s life, doctors are still not sure how to eliminate it […]

Possible Therapeutics for COVID19

Possible Therapeutics for COVID19

COVID19 is in full swing. It has spread rapidly across every corner of the world and has become a pandemic that is growing increasingly hard to deal with. And since the virus spreads very easily, the new number of reported cases is only going to grow in the coming weeks. So, even if a complete […]

New Imaging Technology for Coronavirus Detection

Imaging Technology

Considering how rapidly the novel coronavirus is spreading, it is very easy to understand why containment of the disease has been such a big issue. Scientists from all around the world have been working on ways to help better this process and ultimately aid in thwarting this disease. Most recently, researchers from the Simon Fraser […]

How does COVID19 Affect Children?

Doctor and a child in protective masks are in hospital

As we know, the novel coronavirus is continuing to cause major disruptions in many parts of the world. Information about the virus is being force-fed to the public as much as possible to help contain and curb the virus. And as per what has been shared so far, the virus is supposed to be more […]

Can Unhealthy Diets Cause Psoriasis?

Can Unhealthy Diets Cause Psoriasis

Bad eating habits are a growing problem across the world. None of us are strangers to the fact that following a bad diet can lead to a host of different health issues, and the resular western diet which is high in fats and sugars is no exception. But, even considering the multiple adversities such dietary […]

A Cure for the Coronavirus


The outbreak of the corona virus has sent panic signals all across the globe. Most of China is already under lockdown and the rest of the world is on high alert. If not contained and eliminated, this disease could potentially turn into an epidemic. That being said, there could possibly be some light at the […]

Can Air Pollution Stunt Childhood Brain Development?

air pollution blood brain barrier

It is a known fact that pollution can be a major cause of several health related issues. And considering the ease with which gaseous particles can disperse and spread, air pollution is easily one of the scariest forms of pollution. With millions of pollutants infecting the air around us, it is easy to see why […]

Regrowing Damaged Nerves Using Polymers and Proteins

Damaged Nerves

It is a known fact that once damaged, not all the components in our body have the ability to regrow. We are not reptiles, regenerating limbs and the nerves associated with them is just not within our power. Such feats may have been shown in a countless number of sci-fi movies, but the dream of […]