Copper Oxide Nanomaterial: A Cancer Killer?

A Cancer Killer

Cancer has undoubtedly been one of our hottest topics of discussion. And this is of course is for good reason. The dreaded disease has been a plague upon our species for a long time. And sometimes even when our greatest minds find fixes for certain cases, most cancers somehow seem to find a way to […]

A New Protein that Aids Muscle Regeneration?

A New Protein that Aids Muscle Regeneration

The human body is a complex construction of several different components. From our bones to the tiniest of blood cells, each of these components have specific roles to play in the body’s functioning. One such component that also has specific purposes to fulfill like holding the bones in place and enabling the body to perform […]

The Gene that Causes Male Infertility

The Gene that Causes Male Infertility

Reproduction is a primal instinct. The need to procreate has been ingrained in us ever since the birth of our species. And although our bodies are primed to efficiently create offspring, over time, due to several factors, there have been many cases where individuals have lost the ability to do the same. Barring the fact […]

Can Obesity Affect Our Legacy?

Can Obesity Affect Our Legacy

It is a well known fact that obesity, a topic that we’ve discussed extensively in the past, is a common condition that can lead to a multitude of health issues. From heart failure to joint weakening, the drawbacks of having excessive fat reserves in the body is alarmingly high. This disease is undoubtedly very detrimental […]

The Neuron that is Responsible for Sugar Regulation

The Neuron that is Responsible for Sugar Regulation

Diabetes has been a long standing disease that has posed several problems for mankind. Till this day, we haven’t been able to find a complete cure for this disease. But, researchers from all around the world have been hard at work. And they made certain findings that could potentially help us solve the problem of […]

Collecting Data to Prevent Problems Caused by Air Pollution

Collecting Data to Prevent Problems Caused by Air Pollution

The onset of the industrialization era was the catalyst to a wide variety of changes. Mankind grew by leaps and bounds in several areas. From inventing new technology to modern infrastructure, our society continued its forward march holistically. And it is no doubt that this upward trajectory in advancement will continue to improve with each […]

Can Stress Turn into a Killer?

Can Stress Turn into a Killer

We live in competitive times. With deadlines to meet, bills to pay and families to take care of, the life of the average individual in today’s world can be hectic. Stress has become so common nowadays that it is just considered a regular part of life. But dealing with increased stress levels on a daily […]

Special ZebraFish Cells: The Key to Heart Regeneration?

The Key to Heart Regeneration

Increasing Longevity has always been one of mankind’s primary objectives. With the advancements in modern science, we have definitely taken several leaps towards increasing average life expectancy of humans. But certain areas are still beyond the scope of our control. Heart failure, for example, is a condition that is very tricky to tackle. The eventual […]

Can Harnessing the Power of the Mind Cure Addictions?

Can Harnessing the Power of the Mind Cure Addictions

It is no secret that the sages and saints of yesteryear promoted the idea of a wakeful mind. Even after the development of modern science, it is hard to dispute their views as the benefits experienced by people who strengthen their minds are plenty. From more energy levels to a clearer thought process, people who […]

Working Out in the Morning: Best Time to See Results?

“No Pain No Gain” , an infamous dialogue that a majority of us would’ve heard at some point in our lives. Although this dialogue holds meaning in a variety of contexts, its most popular usage has undoubtedly been within the context of fitness. At its very core, fitness is very simple. Run, lift, and expend […]