We all are raised in an environment where it is said that working hard is key to success

Because of this tendency, we usually forget to give our nervous system a break. Working tirelessly to achieve our goals and success for the organization while also handling our personal lives and the chores that come with it, 

Our nervous system is working 24/7 to process information from our environment and control our emotions. Working tirelessly can lead to constant stress and pressure Because of this, the nervous system can be submerged by issues like anxiety, depression, and many heart-related diseases

Like William James said, “The great thing, then, in all education is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy.” We can make the human nervous system our ally by giving it time to pause. It is very vital to understand the role of the nervous system in the joy level of a human being. Therefore to make our nervous system our ally we need to find ways to reclaim our peace of mind. So in this article, let’s explore the six ways in which you can give a break to your nervous system. 

Enough sleep 

Sleep is what keeps our minds fresh and helps us recharge. When you don’t get adequate sleep, you cannot perform several functions, like concentrating or thinking clearly to make decisions.

When you have a diet that is perfectly balanced and exercise on a daily basis, it can lead to a healthy life, Sleep also prevents many health problems like stress, depression, headaches, and anxiety. When you get adequate sleep, it is said to improve your memory and cognition, which will help you improve your performance. So to achieve this goal, your body is supposed to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep and rest to your mind. 

Develop the habit of meditation 

The most vital way to make your nervous system calm is by practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques. 

One of the most crucial ways to make your nervous system calm is by practicing several mindfulness activities. Mediation is such an old technique, that was introduced thousands of years ago and has been practiced by many people around the world. The main motive of mediation is to take humans out of the maze that has occupied their thoughts and bring them to a more relaxed side of life. 

A person can feel more relaxed and have a positive attitude toward life when they practice meditation. Meditation and mindfulness techniques have various benefits for humans. It not only helps cure anxiety, depression, and headaches but also assists in curing physical diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, etc. 

Exercise regularly

Apart from calming the human nervous system, exercise also has numerous benefits, It not only controls your weight and reduces the risk of heart disease, but it also helps you boost your energy and helps you sleep longer. Everyone, no matter the condition of the body, should exercise regularly because it does not only help us lose weight but also keeps us energetic, and productive, which can help us achieve our goal.

Spare some time for nature

In this rapidly moving world, it is so sad that we have forgotten the treasure that is nature. Nature has miraculous healing abilities. 

Spare some time from your busy schedule and let yourself get lost in the beauty of nature. Go out in a garden and let the wind of moving trees touch your cheeks. Let yourself melt in the setting sun and Listen to the chirping sound of birds. This can help you connect with nature, which in turn is beneficial for your nervous system. 

Refrain from bad eating habits 

It is important to understand the harm that certain foods can cause. 

You should be very mindful of the things that you put in your system and the benefits and harm that come with them. In order to lead a healthy life, avoid drinking products like caffeine and alcohol as they have many bad effects on the human body, Caffeine is said to cause high blood pressure and restlessness in human beings and can mess up the heartbeat and sleep, schedules of a human being. 

In women, it is the reason for miscarriages and low birth rate

Women should be careful when taking caffeine and restrict drinking any products that contain caffeine. 

Restrict the use of electronics 

It is very important to realize the harm that social media and electronic devices can cause. You should be able to control your urge to use social media, not the other way around. Set a specific time for not using social media, especially during the three meals and before sleep

Spending time with family while having food can help you connect and engage with them and lift your mood, and it is very important to refrain from using any electronic devices before bed; this will help you have a peaceful sleep. 


In order to have good mental and physical health. It is vital to give the human nervous system a break. When you are committed to having good eating and sleeping habits and also spending time in nature instead of on your phone, you are on the path to healing your inner self, Turn down the volume of thoughts in your mind and focus on the present, Minimize the rush and maximize the rest. This mantra can help you have a calm nervous system, which can help you be productive in your life.

Name: Syeda Sabah Firdouse M

About the author: Sabah is an SEO Content writer from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a fresher in the content writing field and has previously worked in the content management team at Accenture Pvt. Ltd. from September 2021 to March 2022. She graduated from Mount Carmel College with a bachelor’s degree in Arts.