Alex Lucio

Alex Lucio, CEO, 3B Medical, Inc

As with many successful start-ups, the idea for 3B Medical, Inc was born out of a personal experience with an unmet industry need. It all started when Tom Thayer, the President and Co-Founder of 3B Medical sensed the need for quality sleep and respiratory products in the market. Mr. Thayer’s wife was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and she could not tolerate her oxygen and CPAP therapyinterfaces. Her struggles and complaints with existing products on the market prodded Mr. Thayer to establish a company to bring new and better products to market. Thus, he collaborated with Alex Lucio, and cofounded 3B Medical, Inc in 2010 with a vision to develop a lighter and more comfortable mask that could be tolerated by patients.Over time, 3B’s product line expanded and grew to encompass devices to treat sleep-disordered breathing, oxygen therapy devices, and disinfection devices.Today, it stands tall as a leading manufacturer and distributor of sleep therapy and oxygen therapy products.

Dedicated to Offer Affordable Quality Sleep and Respiratory Products

3B Medical provides a wide array of CPAP devices and masks, oxygen concentrators, and a growing line of UVC disinfection.Designed with patients’ comfort in mind, its line of CPAP masks are some of the most comfortable and lightest masks on the market. Its stationary and portable oxygen therapy devices provide patients with options for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients.Created with innovative design and the highest quality of manufacturing, 3B Medical’s full range of devices for sleep, oxygen, and disinfection deliver incredible value and excellent performance while complying with all regulatory requirements. With its extensive range of quality products, 3B Medical intends to be a global player in the sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory products field.

Committed to Improve Patient Lives with Innovation

Having innovation in its DNA, 3B Medical is always on the hunt for new technologies. Its engineering team always aspires to identify and pursue disruptive technologies that are able to improve and change patient lives. In fact, 3B Medical was an early adopter of UVC light technology, which positioned the company perfectly to introduce disinfection solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its oxygen line includes the Aer X portable oxygen concentrator, which is covered by over a dozen patents and brings several new innovations to oxygen therapy. Besides this, its IP portfolio is certainly one of its greatest strengths. Its product lines include: (1) a full line of CPAP machines, masks, and accessories; a full line of oxygen products, including a proprietary cannula design, portable oxygen concentrator, and a stationary concentrator, as well as a full line of UV based disinfection products.

“Our new product pipeline will rival the development cycle of companies that are ten times our size. We always strive to push the envelope on wireless and wearable technologies, new leading-edge disinfection solutions and experimenting with polymers and adhesives. Our patent portfolio is representative of the priority that we place on thinking and developing products outside of the box,” asserts Mr. Thayer.

Making a Difference with a Value-Driven Approach

When asked about the differentiating strength of the company, Mr. Thayer says, “As a company, we define our value proposition as a combination of bringing something a bit different to the market. We are never content to compete with a product that is similar or nearly identical to a competitor. Our goal is to always approach every market need with a fresh look and an out-of-the-box mentality of trying to re-invent and do something new.”

While there are several aspects that make 3B Medical a leader in the sleep and respiratory product space, its unique proposition lies in its ability to cultivate and maintain a people-centric culture. The company believes that a great work culture defines a company’s success and makes a quantum difference. Thus, it strives to foster an empowering work culture where its employees are encouraged to express their views and ideas and reach their maximum potential.

“We work hard, and play hard, and we place family first. Additionally, we encourage creativity and innovation at every level of the company. Every employee is encouraged to come up with new product ideas, and is rewarded financially if their idea makes it into production,” affirms Mr. Thayer.

Moreover, being a relatively small company, its value proposition also includes aggressive pricing with the goal of providing a delta of roughly 20% between its pricing and the pricing of its competitors.

Continues To Grow Without Compromising the Quality

As one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., 3B Medical aims to continue growing both top-line revenue and bottom-line performance. Its vision is to become the market leader in the home disinfection products space.

“We have experienced triple-digit year over year growth, and even with the global pandemic, we were able to grow revenue in 2020 by over 70%. We hope to continue aggressive growth over the next several years with an eye on becoming the market leader in the home disinfection products space while rising to a solid third position in the sleep and oxygen side of our business,” concludes Mr. Thayer.

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