A New Tech Bed Sheet that can Alleviate Your Gym Pains

It is a well established fact that exercise is essential for the maintenance and improvement of health. Believing in this philosophy, some gym goers flock to their local gyms and workout until they drop. While this can be a good thing, in most cases these individuals end up neglecting the other side of the coin which is equally influential. This all important ingredient that most people overlook is nothing but rest. Without rest, overworking your body could even prove to be detrimental. But in today’s fast paced world, a lot of individuals don’t get the time to check off every single box on the health list. So, Under Armor decided to do some research of their own to help out such individuals. And the resultant product was nothing short of revolutionary. Under Armor’s new recover sheet set packs some groundbreaking new technology that promises to help your muscles relax while you sleep! How you ask? Let’s take a look. 

The recover sheets are equipped with tech that harnesses the power of infrared light. But what does this do for recovery? In short, many things! Infrared rays not only penetrate joints, tissue and muscles to soothe and relieve pain, but it also quickens recovery time by penetrating through your skin to your core. This is why infrared rays are touted to be one of the best ways to provide your muscles with the relaxation that they require after a long day of work or after an intense workout. 

So, by using cutting edge technology, Under Armor lined the entire fabric of the sheets with a mineral that can reflect infrared red light back into the body.This effectively creates the ultimate post training rest environment that can amplify your muscle recovery and relax your fatigued body. Moreover, the breathable micro mesh material used in the fabric are also infused with a soft model to provide superior comfort and aids the user in achieving a better night’s sleep. 

Another interesting point to note about Under Armor’s new product is that the infrared light which gets reflected by the lining in the sheets is not just any regular type of infrared light. More specifically, the lining is designed in such a way that it leverages the power of far-infrared. Under Armor went with this technology as this variety of infrared light has been tested to be more potent in aiding recovery from muscle soreness, joint pain, and can even help in improving overall physical performance. 

Inspired by the workout routines of some of the best athletes in the world, the product has been crafted to help all types of individuals to recover optimally. Moreover, additional features such as its comfort of a 2 way stretch material and other conveniences such as a no slip grip, and an ultra breathable fabric, makes the Recover Sheet set the ultimate companion for any avid gym goer’s bed. So if you think you could use some help with all your gym related fatigue, don’t think twice; Invest in this new age sleep system and experience a whole new world of comfort!

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