Dr. Michelle Cabret

Dr.Michellie Cabret, Founder, Austin Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty is more than just skin deep. It’s a feeling of confidence, a sense of empowerment, and a reflection of our innermost selves. This is precisely why cosmetic surgery has become such a powerful tool in helping individuals achieve the look and feel they desire. Whether seeking a subtle enhancement or complete transformations, cosmetic surgery offers a way to achieve a look that is truly unique to the individual. But cosmetic surgery is not just about superficial changes – it can also have a profound impact on a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. For many, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal one, driven by a desire to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

A premier cosmetic surgery practice that truly understands the emotional significance of cosmetic surgery for individuals and the profound impact it can have on their lives and is committed to helping people look and feel their best is Austin Cosmetic Surgery. Located in Austin, Texas, the cosmetic surgery practice specializes in surgical and non-surgical procedures, as well as health and wellness services for both men and women. Led by the world-class cosmetic surgeon, Michelle Cabret, M.D, DDS, Austin Cosmetic Surgery provides services in 5 major areas: body, face, and breasts surgically, nonsurgical aesthetics for the face & body, and wellness to include hormone optimization and medically assisted weight loss.

The Pioneer behind Austin Cosmetic Surgery

At the helm of Austin Cosmetic Surgery is the visionary Dr. Michelle Cabret, one of the most accomplished cosmetic surgeons in the Austin area. Dr. Michelle’s impressive journey began with her scholastic achievements, including earning her doctorate at the renowned UCLA and becoming the first female to be accepted into and complete the double degree program at the University Of Texas Southwestern School Of Medicine. She also completed her residency at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX.

Today, she is a proud mother of two, COO of two surgical centers, and oversees two surgical teams. She has over two decades of experience in private practice as a cosmetic surgeon and takes great pride in supporting the community. Her motto, “Beauty and Wellness Perfected,” reflects her holistic approach to aesthetic medicine and her belief that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. What further sets Dr. Michelle apart is her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care to her patients. She offers hands-on, focused post-operative care, seeing her surgical patients two to four times in the first two weeks after surgery, and continuing check-ins to ensure a successful and uneventful recovery. For her, the true reward lies in seeing her patients happy with their results. This level of care and dedication has earned her numerous honors and accolades, including being named one of the “Top 10 Plastic – Cosmetic Surgeons” in Austin.

The Illustrious Journey to Excellence

After spending 15 years at The Carlotti Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Michelle decided to educate her children in her home state of Texas. So, while bringing them home, the hospital administration at Lakeway Regional Medical Center approached her with an opportunity to establish a high-end elective, cosmetic, and plastic surgery-focused ambulatory surgical center at the medical village. Back during her residency at UT Southwestern hospital, she became close friends with the chief of surgery and chief of staff, who have known her personal history stemming back to the 90s. They challenged her to start Austin Cosmetic Surgery de-novo. As a result, the center opened its doors in March 2018, offering premiere surgical and medical services catering to central Texas for all cosmetic needs including surgical interventions, wellness/hormone therapy, medical-managed weight loss, and skincare. “The best part of the journey is broadening my skill set over the years and working alongside colleagues to assist people in their cosmetic/ plastic surgery journey. Secondly, it has been rewarding to build a staff that is an extension of who I am as a person and proud to call my work family,” asserts Dr. Michelle.

Her academic success started from the very beginning graduating from high school then college, dental, and medical school with academic scholarships, dawned with honor society distinctions, and the fun fact that she was also the most elite of athletes earning the opportunity to play both soccer and basketball all over the world. She was the first female in the history of her high school to be named to the athletic Letterman’s Club with 4 varsity letters as a Freshman! Her high school yearbook penned her as “Most Likely to Succeed”.

Following a Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Beauty

From the initial consultation to every visit to the clinic, Austin Cosmetic Surgery delivers truly personalized, comprehensive care to patients. It believes that you can make someone look good, but it is also just as important to make them feel good. Thus, Dr. Michelle and her diligent team focus on delivering a concierge-style of care, treating patients like an extension of their own families. “We follow our motto, Beauty and Wellness perfected, for all of our patients. Our staff is determined to help ease any nerves our patients may have and guide them to get the best results possible. We strive to make every experience feel like our patients are at a 5-star establishment,” opines Dr. Michelle.

Dr. Michelle’s leadership approach is highly admired by her team members, as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Julie Kaesberg shares, “We are lucky to have a fearless leader that shows us the ropes and sets an amazing example of leading with integrity and respect. We are so blessed to work in “happy” medicine, and easily one of the best parts of our job is how excited patients are to see us and the trust they put in us to handle their care at the highest level.”   

Solidifying a Strong Foundation with Patients

Austin Cosmetic Surgery’s mission and vision is to deliver a high-quality concierge style of care in a chic, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all. It understands that achieving health and beauty is a lifetime commitment and takes consistency to achieve results. Thus, it strives to solidify a strong foundation with all of its patients by establishing strong patient-provider relationships, actively listening to the concerns of its patients, and providing consistent surveillance throughout the cosmetic or plastic surgery journey and beyond.

With Dr. Michelle’s approach and medical background, she strives to instill trust in all of her patients to have faith in her judgment and advice regarding their overall health and wellness. This commitment to building long-term relationships with patients is reflected in Dr. Michelle’s private practices of recurring patients with some going on over two decades of consistent visits and many-many well over a decade.

Set to Expand its Team and Facilities

Forging ahead, Austin Cosmetic surgery’s primary goal is to expand its team and facilities. It aims to enhance its facility and add additional Operating Rooms to create a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center. “It is with great honor and a privilege to redefine ‘beauty and wellness’ when modern-day medicine seems to be failing so many. We aim to be the pinnacle of care and set a new standard in plastic-cosmetic surgery and medicine in general,” concludes Dr. Michelle.