Ben Jerman

Ben Jerman, Founder, USA Medical Staff

A Proficient Leader Dedicated to Efficiently Bridge the Talent Gap in Healthcare

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry. While the lack of medical facilities was the biggest hurdle in saving lives during the pandemic, it has also put a strain on healthcare talent acquisition and recruitment. As the fight against the looming healthcare crisis rages on, healthcare facilities of all sizes are experiencing significant talent gaps and workforce shortages. Adding to the problem is the declining revenue that is further exacerbating the skills gap and making it tougher for healthcare organizations to hold onto top talent. Though the current circumstances have elevated the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, the lack of medical professionals has been a pressing concern within the healthcare sector even before the pandemic. 

Committed to bridging this talent gap, an avid entrepreneur who is creating an impact in the healthcare sector is Ben Jerman, the Founder of USA Medical Staff, America’s leading medical and healthcare social recruiting platform. Prior to establishing USA Medical Staff, Ben has worked for two US investment banks for over 25 years with some involvement in healthcare and a notable investment in another startup, OneView Healthcare which set about addressing patient engagement through a platform. This propelled him to focus on building a social recruiting platform to help address another significant and expensive problem in healthcare – attracting much-needed medical and healthcare talent. 

Making the Recruitment Process as Pain-Free as Possible

“We are all aware of how important social platforms have become, especially in reaching a younger demographic – this is where we really want to dominate, to our daily lives and the enormous reach and engagement they can have. We wanted to build the largest medical and healthcare social community and tie it to a platform that would bring great content, information, and job opportunities to our professional provider audience,” asserts Ben. Focused exclusively on the medical and healthcare sectors, USA Medical is a social recruiting platform created to help employers and recruiters attract talent and reduce recruitment and marketing costs. 

The goal of USA Medical Staff is to assist clients with social marketing options and help run recruitment campaigns to connect directly with high caliber medical and healthcare professionals. The platform allows medical and healthcare employers and recruiters to connect with our focused audience by reaching hundreds of thousands of potential candidates each week with great value marketing options. The platform is already reaching 4 million and 5 million professionals every month through its social channels with targets to significantly increase this number going forward. While recruitment is never fast in the healthcare sector and often an ongoing activity, USA Medical Staff is able to help attract the talent clients need with its extensive social reach coupled with packages that are flexible, very competitive and allow generous marketing time periods. “The platform was specifically designed to help reduce marketing costs for healthcare employers – our social-led solution and friendly knowledgeable service gives us an incredible edge,” adds Ben. Moreover, USA Medical Staff has been contacted by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare employers asking for details on our unique social approach to helping attract healthcare professionals. Clearly the industry is gearing up for the big reopening of healthcare in 2021.

Navigating through the Impact of the Pandemic

For an entrepreneur, challenges are always around the corner. But what matters is how one tackles it. The outbreak of the novel Corona Virus has been one such critical challenge that threw almost every entrepreneur off balance and Ben was no exception. The company was launched last January just ahead of the pandemic which brought about many unexpected operational issues and challenges. But under the indomitable leadership of Ben, the company was able to navigate through all the challenges. According to Ben, vision and a sharp focus on end goals are critical for an entrepreneur to succeed in the business world. “I have seen many companies trying to offer everything to clients – I think it is vital to remain very tightly focused on a core offering with great service,” opines Ben. 

Encouraging Others to Follow Their Dreams

As a veteran of the industry, Ben advises budding entrepreneurs to dream big and stay focused on reaching the goal they have set for themselves. “Dream big and also dig in and surround yourself with a great team – the path can be very challenging” affirms Ben. Going forward, the ardent business leader aspires to build the largest and most engaging social platform focused entirely on healthcare and help candidates and employers find each other.