Can Harnessing the Power of the Mind Cure Addictions

It is no secret that the sages and saints of yesteryear promoted the idea of a wakeful mind. Even after the development of modern science, it is hard to dispute their views as the benefits experienced by people who strengthen their minds are plenty. From more energy levels to a clearer thought process, people who follow techniques to better their brain’s efficiency, in general, live life to its fullest potential. So what if people who are not in an optimal head space, such as people who are addicted to drugs, learn to adopt such techniques?

Researchers from Rutgers University conducted a study, wherein they examined 30 patients with opioid addiction and chronic pain.  These candidates were made to practice mindfulness, i.e., the practice of focusing on the present moment and coming to terms with one’s thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations without any judgement. 

The research showed that the people who were on methadone treatments while following mindfulness techniques simultaneously experienced the most benefits. It was seen that these individuals were 1.3 times better at controlling cravings and had significant improvements in pain, stress and positive emotions when compared to those who weren’t following such techniques. 

The methadone maintenance therapy has always been a popular method to treat patients with drug addictions. But, observations have shown that nearly half the people who go for this method continue to use opioids during treatment or end up relapsing within six months. Moreover, people following the methadone strategy continue to experience chronic pain, anxiety and depression even though they are on medications. This fact, makes the usage of mindfulness techniques all the more beneficial. 

The mind is a powerful entity. By gaining control over your mind, you can develop a positive outlook towards life and achieve a new found clarity that will make you more productive than ever before. For this reason, applying such techniques to people who are in dire need of it can help them immensely. Through mindfulness, individuals who are addicted to opioids and other drugs could quite possibly rid themselves of negative thoughts and habits, and regulate their emotions to enjoy the simplest joys of life.