Andreas Dam: On A Mission to Co-Create Digital Health with Pharma and Healthcare

Andreas Dam

Andreas Dam, Founder & CEO, Daman In today’s fast-paced business world, many leaders strive to deliver services depending on the market demands. However, there are a few genuinely exemplary leaders who focus on creating a positive impact in the lives of people by facilitating customer-centric products and services. They aspire to make the world a […]

Linh Nguyen and Van Nguyen: Revolutionizing the Way Medical Professionals Look and Feel at Work


Linh Nguyen & Van Nguyen, Founders, Scrub Lab When an unwavering passion and ceaseless commitment join forces, the path to achieving success becomes less arduous. However, vivifying these traits takes resilience, diligence, and strong determination. These qualities when merged with the ability to turn a vision into reality, great things happen. The inspiring journey of […]

Ken Ikeda: On A Mission to Empower Patients to Achieve and Maintain Excellent Health and Well Being

Ken Ikeda

Ken Ikeda, Executive Chairman, MD Plus Clinic and Diagnostice Center Are successful entrepreneurs born or made? This age-old question has no definite answer. However, for some, entrepreneurialism runs in their blood. Being born in a family with business interests, such entrepreneurs acquire inherent passion, commitment, and a sense of purpose since their childhood. The inherited […]