Dr. Hsing-Hen Chen, Founder & CEO, CereSoft

Healthcare providers and hospitals play a dominant and significant role in saving lives and treating patients. With the technology adoption in healthcare sectors, the healthcare costs are increasing every day and insurance and medical suppliers are placing an increased burden on patients and providers. Healthcare revenue cycle management is continuing to evolve and keeping pace with rapid changes to the healthcare ecosystem. While providing quality health care is the goal of any healthcare service, staying financially strong with a healthy revenue cycle is the key for them to thrive in practice. CereSoft is one such company that transforms the healthcare revenue cycle into a cash acceleration single digital stream of information. It is the number one healthcare revenue cycle provider and reconciliation Technology Company in the healthcare industry.

Established in 1994, Ceresoft has provided cutting-edge services to its clients in the healthcare industry, while demonstrating thought leadership in technology services throughout the United States. The company has over 250 employees worldwide and maintains a workforce that can handle all the revenue cycle needs of both burgeoning and established healthcare providers and financial institutions.

Leading with Experience and Expertise

Dr. Hsing-Hen Chen (Chief Executive Officer & Founder of joined Adobe in 1993 when Adobe acquired HH Chen Company for its OCR and Artificial Intelligence to incorporate into the Adobe Acrobat platform. Dr. Chen was a management consultant for Adobe managing the release of the Adobe Acrobat Capture platform in 1994. He resigned after the release to start CereSoft by developing the next generation of OC and Artificial Intelligence software in extracting information from documents.

As a visionary leader, Dr. Chen selected Healthcare as the market vertical as documents in healthcare are the most difficult document to process using technology. After 25 years of hard work, today, CereSoft is considered to have the most elite OCR and Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry.

Offering the Most Extensive Portfolio

The CereSoft platform provides a complete revenue cycle transformation for healthcare organizations. The company has developed cloud-based technology that can process all types of healthcare A/R documents in its data centers, with a guaranteed turnaround in 24 hours at a 99.4% rate of data field accuracy. The company’s flagship service is RECON 2020; RECON 2020 is the most innovative full end-to-end healthcare reconciliation platform in the healthcare industry today.

Dr. Chen says, “CereSoft RECON 2020 provides fully funded billing system posting files plus fully integrated GL Transfers into the healthcare finance system without any human intervention.”

The factors that have contributed to the success of CereSoft can be simply explained by five (5) key values:

  • Premier healthcare services compared to the other competitors.
  • Largest Firm in this healthcare space with over 200 employees
  • RECON 2020 the total reconciliation platform in healthcare
  • Incredible, Caring, Healthcare Industry Experts, Customer-Centric Employees 
  • Terrific Customer Service

The prominent company features a Web-based command and control navigation platform that is available to providers and lockbox operators. CereSoft works together with these parties to resolve exceptions before the provider posts information to their accounting system.

Envisioning Success

“CereSoft believes that it is important to continue to reinvent yourself and never stop listening to our clients in solving problems to empower them to be the most profitable as they can be using CereSoft technology, says Dr. Chen. CereSoft is a customer-centric, problem-solving, agile, and empathic company that never stops taking care of its clients. Its core values include proven implementation methodology, extreme client support, open system architecture, listening to customers on solving problems, and client centric mentality.

The company continues to innovate new services built on the award-winning healthcare revenue cycle services over the last 25+ years. “The future looks bright. Our motto is simple “THE BEST IS YET TO COME” We believe that each day is a new day and new opportunity to provide leading-edge services for the healthcare industry and beyond,” concludes, Dr. Chen.