Chris A.Otto, Senior Vice President, Clear Arch Health

The current healthcare system in most of the developed countries is ailing. With a growing prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide, the healthcare industry is facing numerous challenges to increase access to care delivery, and improve medical care. Further contributing to a steady increase in these long-term health problems is the rising healthcare costs and increasing aging population. Such problems beg for innovative solutions involving every aspect of health care.

Comprehending this dire need of the hour, Clear Arch Health, the Healthcare Business Unit of MobileHelp®, the top-rated INC 500 (Fastest Growing Companies In America) is creating groundbreaking innovations to help healthcare providers improve the health and safety of seniors, patients, and consumers under their care. The pioneering company offers innovative remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) solutions, as well as, access to social determinants of health (SDoH) services at the touch of a button to improve the overall health of patients while reducing costs, improving outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Delivering End-To-End Connected Care Solutions

MobileHelp was founded in 2006 to serve the senior market with mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response System). It was the first company that developed mobile PERS and mobile Fall Detect and combined Remote Patient Monitoring and PERS. Through an incredible growth journey and development of new technology focused on digital health,the healthcare division expanded overtime and rebranded as Clear Arch Health.

Today, the Clear Arch Health digital health platform offers pioneering solutions and technology for remote patient monitoring (RPM) of patient populations with chronic conditions. The connected platform also provides Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and technology-enabled services for organizations managing vulnerable populations at risk for the social determinants of health (SDoH). Its proprietary patient-facing software provides flexible features that integrate RPM, PERS, and SDoHsolutions in a single interface or allow for each to stand alone, depending on program needs.

“The options provide payers, health systems, or medical groups with the right technology for the right program or population. The platform includes elegant clinical monitoring software solutions that include telehealth applications enabling video consultation with informative patient-generated health data,” elaborates Chris A. Otto, the Senior Vice President of Clear Arch Health.

Leveraging the company’s extensive experience with seniors, it has developed a user-friendly interface that focuses on a patient’s well-being and vitals monitoring. Clear Arch Health products deliver top-rated patient education, health survey capabilities, and patient access to outbound communications. The insightful data captured using a suite of connected health devices enable timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Committed to offering Value-added services through Innovation

“Here at Clear Arch Health, being first is not just something we take pride in but, it is something that we aspire to continue to do. As an industry leader, we are constantly innovating by working with some of the top experts in the industry to identify emerging technology and arising healthcare needs,” affirms Chris.

From something as simple as pushing specific educational content to a patient depending on their vitals trends to complex data analysis that allows clinicians to intervene at an earlier point to keep patients on track and healthy in the comfort of their homes, the gamut of product suite at Clear Arch Health can help in accomplishing it all. In addition to this, the company offers value-added services including logistics and technical support to streamline the healthcare operations while allowing clinicians to focus on the clinical management of their programs. Clear Arch Health provides a program unlike any other with a team of top-rated experts providing streamlined solutions and their pricing showcases a value that is unmatched. The company offers flexible program options, simple terms, and ample assistance to design and deliver a successful program.

Bringing True Value for Clients

Clear Arch Health partners with organizations through a deliberately collaborative approach to create solutions according to their needs. It focuses on the continuous improvement of every single client. Its customer-centric approach and client-facing methods have helped the company to attain a stable reputation in the industry with high marks in all customer service aspects of its business.

“Our success is built on our clients’ success. Clear Arch Health is more than a vendor, we are a strategic partner collaborating to deliver solutions that benefit all stakeholders; healthcare organizations, clinical teams, and the patients they serve. We provide a consultative relationship with each customer and work with them to understand their connected health vision and how Clear Arch Health can support that vision now and in the future,” adds Chris.

Taking Steps to Make the World A Better Place

The Clear Arch Health brand takes on the exact same internal mission as its parent company –Mobile Help which is ‘To be someone’s hero every day. ’This means to be supportive of its healthcare organization clinicians, their patients in need, its retail medical customers, hardworking vendors, community, and one another inside and out of the office. The company always strives for excellence in every task, be it supporting an individual end-user or a rapid growth RPM launch for a large health system or giving back to the community.

“Our journey of innovation both in technology and user experience is marked to support our clinicians; who are the real heroes – to do what they do best – deliver exemplary care. The roadmap and success plan are evaluated and measured by our expert team of professionals with decades of market experience for some of the largest brands in the world,” asserts Chris.

Moving towards the future, the company is continuously leveraging technologies and innovations that can improve patient outcomes. As a strategic step towards this goal, it aspires to improve its analytics and reporting capabilities as well as data visualization to better illustrate outcomes, success, or identify opportunities for more innovation.
“Our future goals are aligned with our mission and a hero’s work is never done. We are making aggressive steps in the RPM, SDoH,& PERS markets to ensure our innovative approach improves the overall quality of care in the medical industry for years to come,” concludes Chris.