Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO, Cloudticity

In 2011, several factors prompted the digitalization of the US healthcare industry. As the government passed the HITECH act, everyone was incentivized to go digital. The Affordable Care Act aimed to make health insurance accessible to all and accordingly, insurance companies took up an active role for their members’ health. Many companies started making digital medical products and lots of people began wearing fitbits and other health devices. Also, at the same time, genomics data became more abundant and affordable.

So, there was this incredible explosion of data. Amidst everything, cloud adoption driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS) was becoming mainstream. It was clear that healthcare was going digital and organizations needed to harness Big Data. And the only way to effectively do this was through the cloud.

When an industry veteran, Gerry Miller realized this, he sensed the need for a business that could help healthcare organizations become successful on cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Thus, Cloudticity was born in 2011 in Seattle, Washington, with a mission to help organizations radically transform healthcare by unlocking the full potential of the cloud. Today, it stands tall as one of the world’s best cloud partners in healthcare.

Bringing the Advantages of Cloud Technology to Healthcare

While most other cloud service providers in healthcare are generalists, Cloudticity was born in the cloud and exclusively focuses on healthcare. They are experts with a niche specialty, experts in both healthcare and cloud. Its hi-tech solutions are all lightweight, 100% cloud-based, secure, and reliable, guaranteeing greater speed and agility. Cloudticity is bringing the powerful benefits of cloud technology to healthcare in several ways:

Modernizing Business Model: Cloudticity helps clients put cloud technology into the core of their business. Competency in cloud technology is immensely useful in healthcare today and public cloud platforms allow clients to create critically important HIPAA-compliant solutions. For instance, clients may synthesize huge amounts of data to derive insights in real-time. Most importantly, this automation frees up the staff to focus on value-creating activities.

Powerful Offerings: Cloudticity Oxygen™ is the core of its managed cloud solution. “It takes on the heavy lifting for healthcare IT and allows you to focus on incredible innovation and speed, rather than compliance or infrastructure management. With a combination of advanced cloud technology and a 24/7/365 help desk for support, our solution ensures continuous HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, security, and reliability,” explains Gerry.

Another core product is Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub. This helps public health specialists realize seamless data interoperability which was nearly impossible in the past with hardware solutions. This groundbreaking solution allows them to gain data-driven insights that enhance the quality of healthcare and lower costs. Additionally, Cloudticity also helps clients migrate to the cloud, optimize applications on the cloud, and automate DevOps.

Security and Compliance: Cloudticity was the first company to achieve the AWS Healthcare Competency and was the first AWS partner to obtain a perfect score on the AWS Audited Managed Service Provider assessment, putting it in a league of its own. Additionally, the company is HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant. Cloudticity provides the strongest compliance-related support for healthcare in the market today. It paves the way for healthcare enablers to quickly achieve HITRUST certification while reducing the complexity and cost.

An Indispensable Part of the Modern Healthcare Industry

Most public health organizations and health information exchanges depend on outdated data interoperability solutions because they don’t know anything better exists. In today’s context, these systems are incredibly expensive, time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to scale up. But Cloudticity’s data interoperability solutions are cloud-native. Hence, it’s lightweight and can be deployed and scaled in moments.

“Our data ingestion engine is extremely intelligent. We can get the data into the environment in minutes instead of months. This is revolutionizing public health. Public health organizations can view real-time data insights from real-time data, and inform real-time policy implementation,” elucidates Gerry. In contrast to traditional systems, its services have saved such clients 90% of their expenses.

In fact, Cloudticity has proven incredibly useful in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. “While we are devastated by the state of the world, the pandemic has given us an uptick in business, and we’re honored and floored that we have a solution that can actually help. From helping to manage ventilator inventories at hospitals to identifying co-morbidities and at-risk cohorts, our solution is being used by several states to respond to COVID-19,” adds Gerry. Several public health organizations are using Healthcare DataHub for COVID-19 surveillance as well as tracking and monitoring recoveries.

Dedicated to Improve the Healthcare Industry through Cloud Technology

Cloudticity is on a mission to make the world healthier through cloud technology. It’s in business with healthcare service providers, healthcare payers, organizations of genomics and life sciences as well as the public health bodies. It is bringing incredible successes to its clients by enabling them to save lives, reduce costs, realize higher standards of patient care through its proactive and future-focused solutions.

Apart from its professional excellence, Cloudticity has also been recognized for its positive work culture. The company fosters innovation and creativity in its culture to reach its maximum potential to improve healthcare and deliver better outcomes.

“We are unique because we are a virtual, 100% remote company. We communicate on Slack. We all have a lot of freedom and are accountable for ourselves, but we all work hard because we believe in what we’re doing,” says Gerry. The sudden coronavirus outbreak has brought out the practical advantage of cloud technology in healthcare. So, Cloudticity is dedicated and motivated more than ever to support healthcare organizations through cloud innovation. You can learn more at