Dash Kiridena

Dash Kiridena, Founder & CEO, Codice

Codice is an information technology and healthcare operations consulting firm delivering customized, high-quality solutions to government agencies and corporations. Dash Kiridena founded Codice in 2009 to provide healthcare administration consulting services. The company’s sole focus was to use technology to improve healthcare and Medicaid processes for public and private agencies and for the customer’s ease. Previously, in 2006, while Dash was working in the DC public schools Medicaid Unit, he conceptualized and operationalized an electronic health records portal. This was prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 that made electronic health records (EHR) popular and widely used. The electronic health care audit system helped DC schools retain millions in Medicaid reimbursements.

The healthcare industry has many challenges associated with the administration of Medicaid payments and compliance. These issues affect both the state level Medicaid agencies and the healthcare providers. Codice spent time reviewing Medicaid payment methodologies, rate setting, compliance issues, and related state and federal regulations. Codice gained a deep understanding of Medicaid reimbursement operations and used this knowledge to re-engineer innovative Medicaid operations solutions to solve these kinds of problems. Codice fixed all the errors associated with many paper-driven processes by creating an effective EHR system and began automating cost reporting processes.

Codice’s Compliance Product Portfolio

With COVID-19,healthcare payers and providers are facing unprecedented changes. Advanced technology and growing customer expectations are redefining the healthcare landscape, while the need for interoperability between systems and stakeholders has never been more vital. Serving the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Codice’s solutions include a broad spectrum of IT, healthcare project administration, compliance, business process outsourcing, and talent management solutions. Its agile approach to the complex challenges facing the industry has helped healthcare organizations modernize the way they do business, allowing them to focus on members and patients. 

Codice works with healthcare payers to deliver quality compliance and reimbursement solutions, while achieving key business goals by implementing cutting-edge technologies. The solutions also help providers reduce administrative burden and improve data collection while they are transitioning to value-based digital systems. Leveraging data and technology, the company helps both payers and providers optimize processes and deliver customer-centric experiences that improve patient engagement, satisfaction, and quality of care.

“Changes across the healthcare industry are forcing solution providers like Codice to reengineer business processes. From legacy modernization to the adoption of technologies like SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, ML (Machine Learning), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we work with clients to transform their existing business processes and procedures and deliver increased value to their customers,” asserts Dash.

Codice offers an extensive portfolio that includes three applicationsthe company developed: CelerKost, CodicePay, and CelerMFP. CelerKost is a digital cost reporting platform that streamlines and simplifies the cost reporting process and enables agencies and healthcare providers manage costs and easily generate required reports. The platform boosts efficiency, accuracy, and predicts future costs. It also saves time, enhances compliance, increases accuracy, and provides data analytics. CelerKost uses Model View Controller Pattern Architecture (MVCPA). The system is built on an RDBMS SQL database. It is also accessible on phones, tablets, computers, and televisions. The CelerKost application security network is on the AWS Cloud, protecting the integrity and reliability of the data, and determines if transactions are legitimate. CelerKost’s database engine, server configuration, coding principles, efficient caching, and well-managed external dependencies make the application scalability possible. CelerKost simplified submitting a complex cost report that typically took 3-4 weeks to complete to a couple hours!

CodicePay is an intuitive digital payments platform that reduces payment processing transaction times significantly.

CelerMFP is a program that tracks and analyzes the expenses related to healthcare beneficiaries who receive government funding. 

The company also provides solutions to government payers that will ensure that laws and regulations are followed while making payments from publicly funded programs such as Medicaid or Medicare.

“Our human-centric approach addresses user experience and product modernization across the customer journey. Given the increase in healthcare data breaches, we also place a premium on the security and stability of our solutions,” affirms Dash.

The company helps clients derive usable insights from data to create better accountability, increase transparency, and to ensure better patient care by providing visibility to actual healthcare costs. The new digital cost reporting platform allows for integrating value-based payments and performing predictive analysis on future payment needs for state level Medicaid and Medicare agencies.

Client Satisfaction

Codice believes in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). According to Mr. Kiridena, there is no alternative to building a trusted relationship with clients other than delivering exactly what the client wants and always being honest about the solution offered and the process being deployed.

Codice is a firm believer in creating sustainable business solutions that drive inclusive social, environmental, and economic benefits. In 2019, Dash decided to embark on the path to digitalization and disruptive business models.First, he began an internal journey by transforming Codice’s internal manual processes and systems to digital processes.

The internal digitalization process paid dividends when COVID-19 struck. “We were ready to provide our clients with immediate assistance as most internal processes and operations could be supported remotely and with a digital infrastructure that could support post COVID-19 operations ,” elaborates Dash.

Codice firmly believes that putting employees first is integral in creating a successful business. According to Dash, encouraging employee buy-in and loyalty is imperative so everyone on the team is ready and willing to weather the inevitable storms that come with organizational change.

Further Expansion

Codice is marketing its digital cost reporting software, and hopes to expand to other states to provide CelerKost, CodicePay, and CelerMPF digital platforms. The company excels in client services by providing sustainable business models, products, and innovative solutions that can organically grow with the new digital age. The Codice IT team focuses on improving its client’s technology, implementing superior business processes, and helping change the business culture to provide a better digital journey for both the client and its workforce.

Keeping up with the trending technologies, the company is striving to spread its sustainable digital business model nationally in healthcare administration and IT solutions. Codice employs a Plan to Win strategy that focusses on helping the customer transition more successfully to the digital arena. “The strategy centers on an exceptional customer experience along with superior technology, processes, and products. Through this strategy and alterations in the work culture, the US workforce can succeed in the new digital age and compete successfully in the global marketplace,” concludes Kiridena.