Cedric Picaud-CEO

Cedric Picaud, CEO, CRYOPDP

The global pandemic outbreak has forced many global healthcare companies to rethink and transform their global supply chain model. As a result, many are changing the way they operate to stay relevant in the market. This business is a steadily growing market for logistics service providers, especially when it comes to temperature-controlled logistics. 

One such company that is committed to bringing innovation and anticipating customer and patient needs to make a difference is CRYOPDP. With over 25 years of experience in transport and logistics solutions to the Clinical Research Community, the company provides customized and tailor-made turnkey global transport solutions for high-value, time-critical, and temperature-sensitive shipments. CRYOPDP offers global coverage and a complete set of solutions with capabilities covering the whole temperature range. In addition, it covers the entire healthcare temperature-controlled supply chain, including premium couriers, packaging, and pickpack kit preparation for the Clinical trials and Cell and Gene communities.


One of the top leaders in its field, CRYOPDP aims to improve the health of people around the world by providing global innovative temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the Clinical research and Cell and Gene Therapy communities. CRYOPDP has over 270 employees in 15 countries and operates in more than 150 countries, with headquarters in France.

Recently, in October 2020, CRYOPDP became part of Cryoport Inc, with both missions and strategy closely aligned. The merging with the Cryoport group enabled CRYOPDP to strengthen its healthcare services by offering integrated and flexible end-to-end solutions with complete transparency and traceability, covering its customer’s challenges and expectations.

With a mindset in innovation and on patient and customer needs, CRYOPDP continuously develops high-value solutions such as Direct-to-Patient, Lab Move, Pickpack and logistics consultancy. In addition, it offers highly competitive capabilities, infrastructure, and geographic coverage through alliances with partners or new company acquisitions.

Overcoming Challenges

“The biggest challenge we faced when establishing the company globally was to deliver the same quality service in certain regions. Still, thanks to a complete and extensive network, CRYOPDP has worldwide coverage with solid assets in EMEA, APAC & the US. So no matter what, our customers and patients can count on us.” says Cedric Picaud.

The company ensures the safety and quality of the life science industry, reaching and helping to save millions of lives. CRYOPDP has established long-term relationships with customers with three pillars: quality, trust, and confidence. . As a result, CRYOPDP has created a uniform and agile global organization based on customer and patient needs, delivering the highest quality performance in the market. “We are probably the only company able to deliver above 99.9% of performance globally, and this is the essence of a worldwide healthcare specialist logistics player,” adds Picaud.

CRYOPDP keeps up with the recent innovation trends and is constantly evolving in solutions and operations with top procedures and add-value services. Picaud says, “As part of our DNA, we will keep focusing on our customers and patients to provide tailor-made services and solutions that meet their relevant needs.”

Future Perspectives

CRYOPDP has spent 25 years developing an extensive global network and linehaul, which today has become one of the industry-leading life science service platforms. “We are in the fortunate position to be growing organically, steadily year on year, as well. We plan to grow significantly in the next three years within the premium logistics area by offering first-class service and IT solutions supporting the end-to-end supply chain,” concludes Picaud.