The CuraLife brand was viewed by over 80,000,000 fans around the world. 

Diabetes is no game, but sports advertising is increasingly becoming a way we maintain high consumer awareness of the CuraLife brand, and a value driven benefit we give to our international partners. Our La Liga sponsorship builds on our first sports ad spot last year, where CuraLife was elegantly displayed on the NASCAR race truck of champion driver Spencer Boyd. Throughout May and June we will be sponsoring a number of matches in the Spanish La Liga.

CuraLife is a direct-to-consumer healthcare company that enables people with chronic conditions to once again enjoy life to the fullest. A chronic condition should not define who you are. It’s your life, your terms, your game. 

CuraLin by CuraLife, our clinically tested supplement, is made specifically for people who need to maintain healthy glucose levels. Safe, powerful, 100% natural, and supported by leading diabetes doctors worldwide.

To learn more about how CuraLife is helping improve the lives of diabetics, and to see more shots of Messi shooting free kicks in front of the CuraLife brand, visit