Diax Labs

Saad Alsaab, Founder, Diax Labs

Diagnostic tests play a crucial role in delivering quality health care. It is one of the first lines of defense to protect the general well-being of patients. In fact, in some casesof infectious diseases, fast and accurate diagnostic testing could mean the difference between life and death. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) report, infectious diseases kill more than 17 million people a year. Contagious diseases arebecoming the major causes of death and an important contributing factor to the enormous burden of ill health.Therefore, to address this global health concern, the authenticity, credibility, and services offered by the diagnostic testing laboratories need to be better than the best. This quest for the best brought our team at The Healthcare Insights to Diax Labs, a pioneering diagnostic testing laboratoryin Texas.Combining high-end diagnostic technologies and insights of deeply experienced medical professionals, the laboratory deliversa comprehensive suite of diagnostic testing services with a commitment to accuracy, expediency, and accessibility.

Successful Journey of Diax Labs

Diax Labs was founded by Saad Alsaab, an Interventional Cardiology Specialist in Tomball, TX with a vision to transform the face of healthcare diagnosis. The lab began its journey in 2015 as Elite Medical Labs to provide a wide array of toxicology diagnostic services. But overtime, it extended its offerings by adding a full-service genetics laband secured nation-wide distribution partners while successfully developingnumerous new technologies.With all these exciting changes, the lab then rebranded as Diax Labs to better reflect its scientific focus.

“Diax Labs was founded to provide a different lab testing model and has since evolved into a powerhouse for diagnostic testing. Our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited blends the latest in technology with a strong commitment to service,” says Dr. Alsaab.

State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Testing

Diax Labs offers a wide range of reliable and accurate diagnostics testing services that can be broadly classifiedinto three main categories: Toxicology, Genetic Testing, and Allergy and Wellness Testing. Its industry-leading clinical toxicology testingaccurately confirms whether patients are compliant with their drug therapies. This in turn provides an important layer of protection for physicians to verify usage compliance, adjust treatment, or terminate drug therapy to protect patients from harm while avoiding potential legal exposure.

Diax Labs offers the mostexhaustive cardiac genetic testing on the market with the launch of the CardioMetrix, comprehensive cardiogenetic diagnostics service. CardioMetrix integrates three cutting edge diagnostic technologies enabling clinicians to truly create a data-driven personalized treatment plan for their patients. CardioMetrix helps clinicians ascertain their patients’ genetic risk factors for inherited cardiovascular diseases, understand their susceptibility to treatment options, and ensure they are responding appropriately to their treatment plans.

“As a cardiologist, I knew we needed better tools to diagnose and treat cardiovascular patients, so we worked to develop the most comprehensive diagnostic offering on the market,”says Dr. Alsaab.

The Laboratory also provides allergy, blood wellness, and infectious molecular testing to enable the physician to gain better insight into patients’ health.Distinctly, it accomplishes rapid turnaround times for all the tests with its dedicated professionals and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry as we go above and beyond in performing medication monitoring, chronic care management testing, blood wellness panels, IgE allergy testing, and molecular diagnostic testing as a comprehensive diagnostic suite in our freestanding laboratory,” states Dr. Alsaab.

Factors Contributing to the Uniqueness of Diax Labs

Delineating on the differentiating strength of Diax Labs, Dr. Alsaab asserts, “The attributes that set Diax Labs apart is our highly differentiated services and our reliable, transparent dealings with our clients and partners.”

According to Dr. Alsaab, the uniqueness of Diax Labs also comes from its unwavering commitment to adhering to its 4 core principles— professionalism, transparency, innovation, and excellence. Keeping these values as the cornerstone, the organization shapes its decisions and aligns its activities to consistently deliver against its purpose and promise. It always strives to stay true to its words and act with integrity in all situations to exceed clients’ expectations. It also maintains a collaborative culture to foster continuous innovationand reach its maximum potential to deliver better results and improve healthcare.

Not only are its services always focused on supporting good medical practice, but Diax Labsis also committed to supporting the community it serves.

“We strive to support the community that has continually supported us. Our impact transcends laboratory services as we host blood drives twice a year, in conjunction with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Our laboratory is a Member of the 100 Club, which donates to families of first responders,” adds Dr. Alsaab.

Taking Diagnostic Services towards Newfound Heights

Backed with a drive for scientific innovation, a collaborative culture, and a client-centric approach, Diax Labs has been relentlessly working to empower patients and doctors with convenient and timely access to accurate medical testing and diagnosis. Forging ahead, it aims to continue pursuing this mission while leveraging new technology to foster innovation and growth in the field of diagnostics.

“We plan to continue to roll out new technologies from our product pipeline over the next few years, and of course continue to provide top-notch service to our clients,” concludes Dr. Alsaab.