Alexey Shliakhouski, Chief Technology Officer, Elinext

Healthcare is one of the most data-intensive and data-driven industries in the world. It involves lots of tedious data-gathering processes that tend to delay the delivery of care. Fortunately, healthcare IT solutions can help healthcare providers to streamline administrative tasks and free up their time to focus on delivering quality care. Robust and responsive healthcare IT solutions allow healthcare organizations to improve operational and clinical efficiencies and achieve better patient outcomes. Incepted in 1997, Elinext is a leading software company that offers secure, highly interoperable healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, dental practitioners, and more. “Our expertise was instrumental in automating mission-critical medical workflows, optimizing cost, refining diagnostics and treatment, improving population health, boosting patient engagement, and minimizing adverse effects,” opines Alexey Shliakhouski, the Chief Technology Officer at Elinext. The prominent company develops a wide array of modern, yet user-friendly web applications, feature-packed healthcare mobile apps, and cloud applications to empower healthcare organizations to augment their healthcare practice.

Delivering Full-Fledged Healthcare Software Development Services

Elinext provides a broad spectrum of healthcare software development services including custom healthcare software development from scratch, healthcare solution enhancement, enterprise-grade system integrations, and dedicated quality assurance. It can build a healthcare system tailored to the particular needs of its clients and its proficient software developers bring the best of their skills to update and improve the medical systems in security or interoperability sections. The company uses best practices around API and custom connector development, integration testing, and interoperability to make sure its clients’ EHR system could seamlessly communicate with radiology software, patient portals, mHealth apps, and more. “We use best practices around HIPAA and HL7 FHIR to enable smooth communication of the medical software with third-party EHR/EMR systems. This empowers the healthcare organizations to easily and securely transfer patient data to other hospitals for collaborative decision-making,” asserts Alexey.

Well-versed in a wide range of testing types, including usability, performance, localization, and security testing, the adept QA engineers at Elinext provide detailed QA reports on software quality, team performance, test coverage, test automation, and other critical aspects.

Improving Patient Outcomes

With Elinext’s HIPAA-compliant EHR/EMR software, Healthcare providers can easily automate their manual cumbersome operations and seamlessly manage PHI — including test results, allergies, and medications — to improve diagnostics and treatment planning. The company offers professional assistance with end-to-end development and integration of PACS, RIS, HIS, and CAD software for streamlined management of xRays, MRIs, CT scans, and other images. To further bolster patient engagement, it provides a robust medical portal that enables to schedule appointments, check medications, ask for prescription refills, get e-consultations, and more. Besides this, Elinext develops function-rich healthcare mobile apps and healthcare analytics solutions that are instrumental in identifying gaps in care delivery, predicting disease outbreaks, detecting at-risk patients, and proactively dealing with possible complications.

Redefining Medical Workflow Management

Specialized in custom healthcare software development, the company develops highly interoperable solutions that facilitate the management of PHI, key medical workflows, and administrative tasks. With Elinext, seamless monitoring and governing of clinical trials become a lot easier. It also builds tailored healthcare systems to automate the process of extracting, clustering, and anonymizing medical records. Its advanced medical billing solution can enable healthcare organizations to accelerate their revenue cycle and reach out to more patients. Meanwhile, its reconciliation software can automate the management of multi-source cash flows and the process of daily bank reconciliation while ensuring compliance with corporate and regulatory controls. It also provides a reliable workforce management system to empower healthcare organizations to easily identify and correct staffing misalignments for enhanced patient care, increased staff satisfaction, and slashed labor costs. Elinext’s care delivery management solutions propel care delivery management to a whole new level by bringing measurable and meaningful business impact to its clients and providing them with new levels of productivity, communication, compliance, and cost-efficiency.

Thrives To Make the World A Better Place

Being a socially responsible organization, Elinext put a strong emphasis on how it achieves its business goals and its outcome on society. It strives to create a positive impact on the well-being of the communities and weave that obligation into the fibers of the organization.

“Technology thrives to build a better place, so each contributor to the IT global environment carries a piece of social responsibility within the enterprise. We care about both internal and external processes inside and outside of our company. As creating a better overall environment eventually creates for our local well-being, we make our important social contributions,” concludes Alexey.