Tammy Willams, Founder & CEO, Envision2bwell

Empowering People to Live Sustainably Healthier and More Joyful Lives

“Influential people are never satisfied with the status quo. They’re the ones who constantly ask, ‘What if?’ and ‘Why not?’ They’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom, and they don’t disrupt things for the sake of being disruptive; they do it to make things better.”- Travis Bradberry.

The above quote perfectly captures the essence of an impactful business leader. Impactful entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to disrupt the status quo to find better and more efficient ways of doing things. Despite the inherent risk that comes with pushing boundaries, they break through barriers and do their bit to push the world forward and focus on making people’s lives easier. Simply put, they don’t believe in selling — they believe in solving problems. One such exemplary leader who is disrupting the digital health & wellness realm with innovative solutions that help people live their healthiest life is Tammy Williams, the CEO and Founder of Envision2bWell, a mission-driven company dedicated to 360° Well-Being® and Social Health Empowerment®. “We believe that EVERYONE deserves an equal shot at creating a life WELLth. That’s Social Health Empowerment! We made a conscious decision to be a for-profit and social impact company because of that core belief. We want to make good while doing good and do good while making good!” asserts Tammy.

Delivering One Comprehensive Solution for 360° Well-Being

The idea for EnvisionWell, which is Envision2bWell’s digital health and wellness platform, was born out of frustration with the status quo. Like many people, Tammy was trying to improve her health and wellness. To help support her journey, she downloaded several wellness apps on her phone, each focused on a different aspect of wellbeing. So, she had to open six to eight different wellness apps to keep track of her fitness, nutrition, health, etc. She could never quite get a full picture of the state of her health or her progress. This made her wonder— “Why can’t these apps be combined into one?” And this planted the seeds for EnvisionWell®, an integrated and unified digital wellness platform focused on whole-person health and wellness.

EnvisionWell® brings knowledge to life in one centralized location to empower and enable healthier outcomes. HIPAA compliant, integrated, and multi-functional, EnvisionWell® helps people live healthier lives with personalized engagement, robust data, AI, and digital, social, and human experiences to support them on their wellness journey.

Pivoting through Challenges

Every venture goes through an acid test and Envision2bWell wasn’t different. Establishing EnvisionWell was an enormous undertaking. Integrating the capability of health, wellness, interoperability, and integrations in one unified platform that is mobile-first was not easy. In fact, Tammy was told more than once that it couldn’t be done. Not one to take no for an answer, she forged ahead and began the task of natively building a digital health and wellness platform that would empower people to whole-person health and wellness.

In the midst of all this, COVID-19 entered the scene, taking a massive toll on businesses around the world, and Envision2bWell was no exception. It was hard enough for Tammy to secure funding as a Black female entrepreneur in tech, much less in the middle of a global pandemic. However, with grit, grace, and a little bit of luck, Tammy and her company, Envision2bWell, made it through that dark time, coming out on the other side with an investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Today, EnvisionWell is a platform inclusive of a mobile app that provides the knowledge, support, access, and autonomy for people to be healthy and well.

Offering a Highly Scalable Workplace Wellness Solution

Envision2bWell is both B2B and D2C. For businesses, it offers EnvisionWell Workplace Wellness. There is a self-service option for small businesses with under 300 employees, as well as a full-service option with dedicated engagement specialists for larger organizations. When it comes to employee wellness programs, one of the biggest challenges is engagement. Envision2bWell addresses that challenge in several ways. First, it offers a unified and integrated wellness platform that connects the dots leading to better health and wellness outcomes. Second, it follows a whole-person, 360-degree approach that spans its 10 Pillars of 360 Well-Being®: Eating, Fitness, Finance, Health, Humanity, Kindness, Mental Health, Relationships, Spirituality, and Work. Third, it embraces a proprietary engagement model, KSAA® – Knowledge, Support, Access, and Autonomy – the four foundational elements of Social Health Empowerment®. Rooted in social determinants of health framework, KSAA® is the bridge from the unhealthy behaviors that hold people back to more empowered behaviors and choices. And finally, it provides a corporate portal, where workplace wellness clients can customize the platform to fit the needs of their employees, analyze the data and reporting to make their wellness initiatives increasingly effective, and gain a clear understanding of the overall health and wellness of their company.“ Being healthy and well should be an opportunity for everyone, not a select few. Our biggest strength is that we provide an eco-system of services to nudge the end-user, whether employee, patient, or consumer, to be sustainably healthy and well, but in one platform,” opines Tammy.

Envision2bWell also offers a proprietary assessment, the KSAA® Workplace Wellness Assessment, which provides data and insight into the engagement, satisfaction, and overall well-being of employees. It tells the story of how employees experience – and are impacted by – the organization in eight areas of health, well-being, and workplace culture. Armed with the critical insight from this assessment, employers are able to implement more effective workplace wellness initiatives, whether they use the EnvisionWell platform or not.

A Reliable Partner in the Wellness Journey

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, chronic disease, work-related stress, and employee disengagement were costing businesses trillions of dollars. Moreover, these issues contributed significantly to the Great Resignation of 2021. Thus, companies cannot afford to ignore the well-being of their employees any longer. EnvisionWell provides its business customers with the tools, data, and resources they need to gain insight into their overall workplace wellness, enabling them to pinpoint where and how they need to pivot to accommodate the wellness needs of their workforce. “We are partners in their wellness journey because that is how we approach our customer relationship. Our portion of the partnership, consisting of EnvisionWell and its numerous functionalities, does most of the heavy lifting so our customers do not have to,” affirms Tammy

Steering Towards a Promising Future

Committed to continuous improvement, Envision2bWell always strives to work on something exciting to better serve its customers. In late December of 2021, the company released a new version of EnvisionWell with several robust upgrades including a new user interface for improved user experience. It also integrated contactless face-scanning technology that measures the facial blood flow and provides users with important health biomarkers such as blood pressure, stress index, cardiac workload, and more. Moving ahead, it plans to release three new features of the EnvisionWell app — First, the B360Well Score, which is fun gamification of its 10 Pillars of 360° Well-Being®. Second, a new feature called My Journal where users can check in with themselves as they move through their journey to whole-person wellness, and third, My TeleWellness, a telehealth feature inside the platform to make it easier for the users to proactively take care of their health and well-being. “We are a tight team of diverse, dedicated, and passionate intrapreneurs who are committed to helping people Be 360° Well®. Being certified woman-owned and minority-owned, we have a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. As we continue to grow, we hope to attract more talented individuals who can help advance our mission and achieve our goals,” concludes Tammy.