EOS additive manufacturing system used for the highly innovative Point of Care Printing, the first 3D design, and printing facility to produce complex customized systems on the HSS campus in New York developed with Italian Lima Corporate.

LimaCorporate, an Italian company with expertise in the field of 3D printing for orthopedics, and the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the first hospital in the USA in the orthopedic field, have founded the first 3D design and printing facility to produce implants custom complexes directly on the HSS campus in New York. The EOS FORMIGA P110 Velocis industrial 3D printer is an integral part of this “Point of Care Printing”. Installed at HSS in November 2020, LimaCorporate expects surgeries with 3D printed cutting guides produced by the additive manufacturing system to begin in April 2021.

“LimaCorporate and HSS are doing pioneering work by introducing this new model of collaboration for which an organization specializing in orthopedics produces within the hospital. We are proud that they are relying on EOS industrial 3D printing technology for such an important and innovative model,” says Laura Gilmour, EOS Global Medical Business Development Manager.

The 3D printing process builds the parts layer by layer, depositing the material according to digital 3D design data. EOS’s powder-based technology is ideal for complex parts with a high degree of customization and enables “on-demand” production providing the highest quality of parts. LimaCorporate is using the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis in combination with the PA 2200 polymer material, which has a 10-year history in clinical use. The company installed the new EOS system at the HSS to replicate a design and manufacturing process that was previously performed in-house by LimaCorporate. Having an industrial 3D printer on the hospital campus brings the technology and experience closer to the surgeon and patient as well as allowing surgical cases to be handled faster and through closer collaboration with the surgical team. 

Luigi Ferrari, managing director of LimaCorporate, says: “EOS technology plays a fundamental role in supporting the collaboration between LimaCorporate and HSS in introducing a new and important innovation in the field of 3D printing for orthopedic solutions. While traditionally orthopedic components are first manufactured elsewhere and then shipped to the hospital, now additive manufacturing will be done directly at the HSS, facilitating collaboration between different teams of experts and bringing help to the patient faster. “

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