The Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry has grown to become one of the most complicated and challenging industries in the business world. The industry is undergoing unprecedented change with mounting cost pressures, advancing digitization, and emerging breakthroughs. Consequently, to remain relevant in this ever-evolving business landscape, companies across the healthcare sector are looking for ways to create value and new metrics to stay relevant in the market. To gain a better insight into patients amidst unstructured data, organizations need an efficient and reliable technology partner. This is where, EXL, the leading global analytics, and digital solutions company comes into the picture. Established in 1999, the company partners with clients to improve business outcomes and unlock growth. The company’s healthcare vertical, EXL Health, applies expertise in AI, analytics, and Cloud to make sense of health-related data, enabling clients to improve results, optimize revenue, and maximize profitability across the care continuum.

EXL’s Journey to Success

Headquartered in New York, EXL’s digital dexterity and Human Ingenuity are the catalysts to solve complex healthcare problems and accelerate transformation for how healthcare is delivered, managed, and paid. EXL Health amplifies how quickly, efficiently, and affordably clients deliver quality care with nimble, scalable solutions. 

Prasad Dindigal, Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences at EXL says, “The growth of EXL Health has been fueled by smart investments in our digital solutions for life science companies to enhance patient intelligence, market effectiveness, and market access strategy development.” These capabilities have been further augmented by the acquisition of SCIO Health Analytics in 2018 and Clairvoyant earlier this year. This strategy has led to EXL Health being placed as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data & Analytics Service Providers in 2021, as well as winning the Best in KLAS 2022 award. 

EXL Health combines analytics, care management, and behavioral science for companies to reach out to patients and direct them to better care. Uniquely, EXL Health has developed a 44M+ patient benchmark database representing Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid lines of business. Delineating on the differentiating strength of EXL Health, Prasad asserts, “This data – coupled with our AI/machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, and interactive dashboard tools – offers unique insights into past and future patient behaviors.”

The uniqueness of the company lies in its data that is rich enough to contain adjudicate claims, which includes cost data, so companies can quantify the actual healthcare costs of treatments and procedures. 

Providing Ground-breaking and Advanced Solutions

EXL Health’s Life Sciences services and solutions enable customers to gain insights from patient intelligence, develop market access strategies, and improve sales effectiveness. Using human ingenuity, EXL Health goes deeper to help life sciences companies transform into a value-based care environment, improving patient outcomes. With the combination of extensive patient, consumer, and HCP-level data assets, advanced analytics methodologies, and domain expertise, the company is accelerating speed to market and improving the health of patients by getting the right treatment to the right patients at the right time.

The EXL Health Life Science team augments customers’ knowledge and perspectives about their therapeutic markets, patient populations, and targeted HCPs to enhance clinical effectiveness, optimize sales and marketing priorities, and transform their position in an evolving value-based healthcare environment.

“We make sense of data to drive your business forward. It means that we’re continually driving the evolution of EXL’s digital, analytics, and AI capabilities to help our customers address their biggest challenges and arm them to compete successfully in the marketplace,” elucidates Mr. Prasad.

The prominent company has a cloud-hosted Commercial Intelligence Platform, EXLCIP™ as a service specifically for pharma. Within the platform, the customers can see insights on a country, sub-national, regional, and/or local level, distributing that insight role-based, to various levels of management and even sales rep.

In addition, EXL Health provides EXLVantage™- an advanced analytics platform for Patient Intelligence, and the EXL Health Digital Center of Excellence. The company also provides the state of the art digital offerings, including Digital Patient Engagement with EXL Exelia.AI™, Active Safety Surveillance, Deviation Avoidance with our SmartAudit.AI solution, and F&A services designed to help CFOs reduce cost and drive growth by transforming audit and finance.

Building Trusted Customer Relationships

Prasad Dindigal says, “We work with our customers to build truly transformative partnerships. Combined with our domain expertise, technology, digital and analytic capabilities, is a real human ingenuity: our customers look at us as long-term partners there to help them with their vision, innovation, and transformation. We’re not just there with an off-the-shelf solution – we’re delivering to the specific needs of the customer, regardless of their size or business case. We don’t work on a one-size-fits-all basis, which is a real differentiator in this market.”

He believes that it is also about being completely aligned with the number one goal of the pharmaceutical industry, to bring new drugs to the market at a much shorter time that helps improve lives, and to reduce costs on internal operations, such as finance, accounting and audit services. Ultimately, the company focuses on what it does the best and bettering health outcomes for patients.

Future Roadmap

Backed with a powerful corporate culture, patient-first approach, and value-proposition, EXL Health has garnered a broad client base across the globe. While their customers have been accelerating their digital agendas, the company has accelerated investments in advanced analytics, AI-based content extraction, conversational AI, and cloud-based operations analytics. With this ongoing investment, EXL Health aims to help customers improve patient care management and digital patient engagement. It also aspires to build resilient operations through advanced data analytics, natural language processing and conversational AI, and many other technologies.

“We’re looking forward to seeing demonstrable gains as our customers enhance their own customer experience, increase revenue, and improve efficiency and profitability with EXL Health,” concludes Prasad.