Fish Oil The cure for Heart Disease

An efficiently functioning heart is crucial to human health. We have seen people doing all sorts of activities to keep their heart healthy. But did you know that supplementing your diet with fish oil gives your heart a wide range of health benefits? 

Yes, you heard that right. Fish oil is often seen in the wrong light due to it being a fatty food source. In general, people do not realize that certain fats are actually good for you. Fish oil is rich in a type of good fat called omega 3 fats. This is a nutrient that is quite rare, making fish oil one of the very few sources of omega 3 fats. 

Recent studies have shown that fish oil consumption can be tied to lower risk of heart attack. In fact when taken on a daily basis at a dosage of around 840 milligrams per day, it was found that the fish oil significantly reduced the overall risk of heart disease. 

The legitimacy of these claims is also quite strong as these studies were carried out on more than 120,000 adults which is a sample set that is 64% larger than any other research that has been conducted on this subject till date. 

But consuming fish oil must also not be mistaken for a magical method that can be the cure to all your heart related issues. It is only a part of what an individual must do to lead a healthy life. Looking after other aspects of your life like exercising regularly and eating a well balanced diet is also very important. Fish oil is only marketed as a supplement which means it must be consumed as an additional. Using it as an excuse to skip a leg day at the gym or eat a doughnut will get you nowhere. 

Although fish oil cannot be used as a compensatory ‘miracle drug’, you will be pleased to find that the more fish oil you consume, the more you reduce the chances of getting heart problems. Experiments were carried out to cement these claims as well. Subjects were given higher doses of fish oil than the recommended 840 mgs per day which lead to even better results than the 8% reduction in heart disease risk that was found during initial studies. 

It proved beneficial to all the test subjects without any exceptions. But that being said, no evidence was found which could confirm that omega 3 fats can reduce the risk of strokes either. 

As mentioned earlier supplementation can only mitigate the risk. Tackling the major risk factors must always be of primary concern. Problems like obesity and diseases that make you vulnerable to heart issues such as diabetes must be dealt with to truly stay healthy. Once you’ve taken the necessary help and have answers for your main issues, fish oil supplements could be introduced to help reinforce the healthy changes that you’ve made.

Evidence has shown that fish oil makes a world of difference to Patients who are at risk of cardiovascular events, even though the true reason behind the healing potential of this amazing supplement is not fully known yet. It could possibly be attributed to its anti inflammatory effect or even its anti arrhythmic properties. We may still not know everything about fish oil, but we can definitely confirm that it is highly beneficial and is a worthy supplement.