Freiburg Medical Laboratory

Michaela Jaksch, Managing and Medical Director , Freiburg Medical Laboratory

Medical diagnosis plays a pivotal role in ensuring the most effective patient treatment. It is the first step to disease management, as without accurate identification there is no possibility for accurate treatment. Hence, it’s quite important to have such diagnostic centers that truly align with the global standards and deliver early and accurate diagnosis. One such holistic diagnostic services provider that has risen to the spotlight by offering quality and reliable diagnostic services with a commitment to accuracy, expediency, and accessibility is Freiburg Medical Laboratory (FML) ME LLC.

Centrally located in Dubai, the pioneering company started its operations in late 2002 by the University Hospital Freiburg together with local partners, the Al Abbas Group. Since 2013, FML is a member of Synlab, the largest laboratory diagnostics provider in Europe. FML was the first medical laboratory in the Middle East to obtain the international accreditation ISO 15189 in summer 2008, assessed by the German Accreditation Body DAkkS. Recently, it has been re-accredited under the latest standard ISO 15189:2014.

Delivering a Wide Range of State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics Services

Today, FML provides patients, doctors, clinics, polyclinics, and hospitals with sophisticated lab-analyses and routine medical tests that meet predefined quality parameters. Having highly standardized and state-of-the-art analyzers and equipment as well as experienced and regularly trained technicians, supported by the scientific know-how of Synlab Laboratories, the company ensures to deliver the best-in-class lab services and diagnostics. Its other state-of-the-art diagnostics include clinical chemistry, endocrinology, immunology and allergy, hematology, coagulation and blood-grouping, serology and microbiology, molecular virology, genetics, risk factor assessments such as first-trimester screening or the more specific NIPT as well as Covid 19 RT PCR testing since March 2020.

“The laboratory medicine is a highly expanding field and most medical diagnoses rely on laboratory results (in more than 70%) and more importantly, in communicating them accordingly. Due to our approach, we can support our clients not only with the newest information but also by recommending more specific testing. All medical co-workers (medical technologists) are trained and educated accordingly, resulting in high work satisfaction,” says Dr. Michaela Jaksch, the Managing and Medical Director of FML.

Over the years, FML has shown a steady, but reasonable and sustainable growth. In fact, FML’s fluctuation is one of the lowest in the region.

The Veteran Leaders behind FML

After joining FML in 2004, Dr. Jaksch introduced real-time PCR testing for molecular virology, as well as a comprehensive program for the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders. Due to her research background in genetics, the company also started focusing on genetic disorders onsite together with partner labs in Europe. Sharing a similar mindset with Dr. Jaksch, Dr. Nehmat has also played a critical role in leading the organization towards growth and success.

“Our formation of a double arrow (managing and medical director positions for both, Dr. Nehmat El Banna and me) has shown highest efficiency. As a consequence, our positions could be best described as ‘coordinators’ for most medical fields,” asserts Dr. Jaksch.

The prior experience of Dr. Nehmat as General Practitioner combined with the exemplary expertise and experience of Dr. Jaksch as a part of an interdisciplinary research group (Munich, Germany) including several disciplines, resulted in an optimal background for detailed assessments in reporting instead of issuing only values. Under the aegis of these dynamic duos, today, the company is spearheading the growth trajectory.

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Excellence

Embracing advanced processes and cutting edge technology has helped FML greatly in reducing the turnaround time and providing efficient services to its customers. Its work-flow and technology are permanently adjusted to existing requirements. Partnering with Synlab Germany, it always strives to stay abreast of recent advances and technologies. For instance, recently, it has introduced new high standard equipment for Covid 19 testing.

“Our LIS provider (Dorner, Germany) had to introduce several new protocols and interface remotely in order to be able to directly report (HL7) to the customers within 24 hours.

Assessing only the past 5 years, FML has introduced at least 100 more special tests onsite (adding on to existing appr. 1500 parameters). This reflects a flexible structure not only technologically but also within our entire team (including finance and administration),” elucidates Dr. Jaksch.

Further harnessing innovative technologies, the company has installed a cluster system to protect data and prevent server failure. Having electronic reporting and invoicing under the latest ‘general data protection regulation’ (GDPR) requirements, the automated platform has earned the ultimate trust and customer satisfaction. It has also introduced reagent management software (RMS) that enables it to not only improve processes but also to obtain full transparency in inventory management.

Continues To Grow Without Compromising the Quality

When asked about the differentiating strength of FML, Dr. Jaksch opines, “We are known for not compromising on the highest quality with the patient and the continuous medical education being the center of our focus.”

Apart from its commitment to quality, FML’s outstanding reputation is also based on several values shared by the organization. According to the company, communication is the key to efficiency and satisfaction. Thus, keeping these values as the cornerstone, it maintains trust and reliability by focusing on full transparency and ethical principles – and by not setting commercial issues as a priority. For, FML, open error management is mandatory and this is facilitated by ‘open-door management.

As a socially responsible organization, FML also focuses on environmental issues. Since its inception, it has been successful in significantly reducing waste such as tons of paper waste, power, and water. Moving ahead, it aims to continue improving its service and concentrate on sustainability while fostering an empowering working atmosphere with respect and discipline. The company believes that challenges are critical as it will ultimately result in more creativity and bring the team closer together.

“The biggest challenge for the future is to maintain the high quality – and we are ready to take this challenge. As there are always ways to improve, we will present even more innovative and sustainable solutions. We have started managing laboratories in hospitals and polyclinics – another important step to disseminate our philosophy,” affirms Dr. Jaksch on a concluding note.