Healthcare Metrics

As we all know, the Healthcare industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries in the world. Since medical services are a basic necessity, this industry has no expiration date. This means the need for such services will always be in demand which would only lead to bigger and busier healthcare institutes as time passes. But with such high demands, the sheer number of operations that are involved may be difficult to manage for some institutes. This is where management software solution companies come into play. Health metrics, Australia is one such company that aims to deliver the same, but more specifically, for the elderly segment of the populous. 

Established in 2008, Healthcare Metrics has been a leading software solution provider to the aged care sector. The founders, Steven Strange and Lisa Papettas were initially not prepared for the complexities involved with the aged care sector. Even though Mr. Strange had ample experience from having worked at Ansett Airlines, he still felt that the challenges he faced tackling the aged care sector were far more difficult than anything he had ever faced before.  

The number of government legislations and compliance requirements they had to go through were staggering. But, despite such obstacles the duo continued to make progress and gradually grew their business. And in 2015, the company produced a turnover close to $4.4 million. Since then the company has consistently been generating healthy numbers and have thrived under the leadership of Steven and Lisa. 

Quality of a company’s product is of course its primary selling point. And as is evident from all of Health Metric’s success, the quality of its products are top of the line. ProSIMS is one such product that is of premium quality and provides useful features. It is a fully integrated HR and Client Information Management System that has been designed specifically for the Community Services Industry. It is configured based on agency employment conditions and has some key has key features to manage rostering, authorization and payroll integration.

But the product that rakes in the most money for Healthcare Metrics is undoubtedly ecase. The company’s flagship product provides an end to end software solution that can efficiently manage the functions of retirement villages, Home Care and Residential Aged Care. 

The eCase software uses a Single Client Record Architecture and can seamlessly deliver an integrated view of customer information while keeping the information visible to all associated service providers. The software can even be run from within a cloud infrastructure or as an in house application depending upon the user’s preference. This means the user does not necessarily need a third party communication tools or VPNs for operations, and can just choose to access the services using a web browser. 

eCase is also a very robust software that can be rapidly deployed and scaled massively. Integration of more information into the database is handled efficiently and performance is always fluid thanks to the constant updates and innovation from the eCase team at Health Merics. This combination of constant innovation and performance tweaks provides both the clients and carers with superior outcomes. 

The software’s easy to use browser based interface provides customers with ample functionality. It is designed in such a way that it provides the most relevant information in the least amount of mouse clicks as possible. The system has features such as predictive text, standardized terms, and recognizable icons and symbols to reduce the learning curve for the users and make it as simple as possible for the users.  

eCase’s Single Client Record System also gives the clients flexibility as their records will remain intact and move along with them, if they decide to relocate. The extensive ecosystem of Health Metrics factors ensures that the clients needs are catered to by factoring in different types of permutations and possibilities. From waitlist and financial management to report generation, the individual modules provided by Health Care Metrics provides maximum functionality to its clients and keeps operations running smoothly. 

There is no denying the prowess of this rising Health Care company. Health Metrics has consistently found itself in the top tier of Healthcare Solution companies in the APAC region for a good reason. They deliver. Even despite several obstacles and federal budget constraints they continue to climb up the ladder steadily. With such a solid work ethic and high quality products, the progressive rise of this health care giant is a definite certainty.