TOKYO, JAPAN, November 30, 2020 – Heartseed Inc. (hereinafter Heartseed), a Tokyo-based biotechnology company developing iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte spheroids for the treatment of heart failure (hereinafter HF), today announced that they have been named 2020 Healthcare Company of the Year in the MedTech category by Healthcare Insights, a leading magazine in the healthcare industry.

This decision came after a review of healthcare companies from Asia Pacific in various segments by Healthcare Insights’ panel of judges who unanimously agreed to give Heartseed this title. This recognition acknowledges healthcare companies that are making a crucial impact in healthcare. It salutes dedicated companies that have worked hard to gain trust from customers and partners.  

“Since its establishment in November 2015, we have been preparing hard for initiating clinical trials with the strong support of our stakeholders. The year 2021 will be a big step for us to achieve the First-in-Human trial.” said Keiichi Fukuda, Heartseed’s CEO. “We are honored to be named 2020 Healthcare Company of the Year in the Med Tech category on the day of our 5th anniversary. I believe this nomination is a reflection of their expectation of the therapeutic potential of our first-in-class iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes transplantation that achieves remuscularization of the failing heart”. 

After announcing USD 26 million Series B financing a year ago, Heartseed has accelerated their IND-enabling activities with strong and diversified leadership team. Heartseed expects to initiate Phase 1/2 clinical trial (LAPiS Study) for its lead pipeline HS-001 for HF in 2021. Heartseed is also supporting an investigator-initiated clinical trial for HF (IPSCS Study) at Keio University, Japan. https://jrct.niph.go.jp/en-latest-detail/jRCTa032200189

The magazine, Healthcare Insights, reaches out to over 74,000 subscribers across the APAC. Their mission is to help readers identify the companies that are bringing reliable and innovative solutions to the healthcare sector.

The December issue features the “Healthcare Companies of the year 2020” that have been pushed the envelope of the health care industry with their inspiring ideas and advanced health care solutions. 

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About Heartseed

Heartseed Inc. was founded in 2015 to develop and commercialize cardiac regenerative medicine developed by Prof. Keiichi Fukuda and his group at the Department of Cardiology, Keio University, Tokyo. Heartseed has original technologies throughout the process of manufacturing and delivering iPSC-derived cardiac regenerative medicine, including purification, cell delivery and iPSC production, and has raised more than USD 38 million.

Company Name: Heartseed Inc.

Established: November 30, 2015

President : Keiichi Fukuda

Headquarter: Art Complex Center 302, 12-9 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Shareholders: Founders/Employees/Angel Bridge/Astellas Venture Management/Shibuya Corporation/
SBI Investment, JMDC, Gene Techno Science, Nissay Capital, SMBC Venture Capital

Website: http://www.heartseed.jp/en/index.html

About Healthcare Insights

The Healthcare Insights is a comprehensive guide to all things related to healthcare specializing in producing quality content for our readers on both digital and publication platforms. Their mission is to increase awareness about healthcare, helping professionals involved in the medical industry remain informed about the latest developments in the healthcare market. Their panel of experts work to collect only the most accurate and impactful information. Learn more about Healthcare Insights at thehealthcareinsights.com.

Source: Heartseed Inc.

For more information on Heartseed, please visit http://www.heartseed.jp/en/index.html


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